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Doro 1360 Mobile Phone



The Doro 1360 mobile phone is designed with hearing loss in mind. Also ideal for the elderly, the Doro 1360 offers simplicity so you can effortlessly take advantage of the fundamental communication feature such as calls and texts with ease. 

If you’re looking for a dual SIM phone that is extra loud with a built-in camera facility and assistance button then the Doro 1360 is a great choice.

Text messaging is made easier with the tactile, high contrast keys that are widely spaced for fingers that are less dextrous than they used to be. View your favourite photos on an extra wide screen and access all the latest news with the Doro 1360’s FM-radio. There’s even a handy torch function so you’re not left in the dark and the added security of knowing the assistance button is available in times of emergency.

Hearing aid compatible for those hearing aid wearers using their ‘T’ setting.TCoil.jpg


  • 35dB voice volume (about 10 times louder than a standard mobile)
  • 83dB ringer volume (about 5 times louder than a standard mobile)
  • 7 Volume settings
  • Tone control
  • Microphone mute
  • Speakerphone
  • 7 Ringer volume settings except off

Main Features:

  • Visual ring indicator
  • Camera
  • Torch
  • Assistance button
  • 100 Phonebook positions
  • 60 Call log positions
  • Wake up alarm
  • FM-radio
  • Key tone
  • Keylock
  • Calendar
  • Backlit keypad


  • Resolution display: 240*320
  • Colour display
  • Display size: 2.4"
  • Handset size: 126*61.5*13mm
  • Weight: 96g
  • Battery included: 800mAh-Li-ion
  • Talk time: up to 8 hours
  • Standby time: up to 300 hours
  • Universal charging solution
  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900
  • Bluetooth™ 3.0

Doro, a Swedish based manufacturer has developed into a leading global provider of specialist telecommunication solutions for the hard of hearing, visually impaired and the elderly. Their corporate ethos is to remain committed to creating communications equipment that will make a real difference to the way we interact with the world.

Customer Reviews

  1. Present sim card too big for phone

    by K Burrell on 26/12/2018

    Purchased phone for Christmas present for my elderly mother but unfortunately the sim card from her current mobile does not fit, it is too big. I presumed when it says dual sim there would be option for large and small sim card rather than 2 options for same sized sim. I will have to change her phone provider to obtain smaller sim card.!
    Star Rating
  2. This is an update on a previous review. Indicating how to download pictures

    by Allan B Collins on 20/09/2018

    It should be noted when buying this model that while it comes with a "charging cable connection" this connection while allowing one to charge the phone via a laptop; [or of course from the mains supply] it will not allow you to download pictures from the phone. To do this a separate Sinc. Cable is required - not supplied with the phone: This is inexpensive, costing £1 in Poundland to £4 in ASDA, This was the answer to a question I asked on a previous preview. Now with the Sinc. cable in situ no problems downloading pictures; Again confirming this is a really good phone, one to the best in this price bracket.
    Star Rating
  3. i would certainly reccommed this phone. Really good value

    by Allan Collins on 16/09/2018

    I have just purchased this phone and find it ideal for my purposes, at the age of 88 I use it mainly to send and receive phone calls. [isn't that what phones war originally meant to do] The camera is really good, just a pity one is unable to download the pictures to a laptop. Or is there a facility to enable one to do so?
    Star Rating
  4. Would thoroughly recommend this phone for the hard of hearing

    by Mike Clarke on 17/06/2018

    Very pleased with this phone - it came up to all my expectations and more. I didn't expect a camera with such a reasonably priced model and the keypads are just the job for my arthritic fingers. The text is good size too for this size of phone. Only problem is I've mislaid the booklet that came with the phone and have to get my daughter to input the info.
    Star Rating

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