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Starkey 2.4GHz Table Microphone

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The Starkey Table Microphone is part of Starkey's 2.4GHz wireless accessory range. 

Compatible with Starkey Livio Edge AI, Livio AI and Livio hearing aids. 

Please contact us if you're unsure about compatibilty with your Starkey hearing aid. 

The Table Microphone offers Starkey hearing aid wearers increased opportunity to improve their hearing in challenging listening environments. Use the Table Mic to focus on The dominant speaker in a group conversation.  

The Table Mic has three modes accessed by the central mode button:

  1. Automatic mode – Table Mic automatically follows the primary speaker. The blue lit segment shows the active listening direction.
  2. Manual mode – Tap the segment of the specific direction you want, it will light blue. You can select more than one segment.
  3. Surround Mode – designed for group conversations in quieter environments. All segments with light blue to show sound is being picked up from all directions. 

In addition to being placed flat on a table for group conversations, the Table Microphone can be used as a body-worn remote microphone for 1:1 conversations in noise. Hang around the neck of your conversation partner in busy restaurants for example and it will stream their voice directly to your hearing aids. 

TV Streaming is also an option via the Table Microphone. Simply insert the audio streaming cable into the micro USB jack of the Table mic and the other end into the 3.5 mm audio output (headphone) jack of your TV. 

The Table Mic will need to be paired to your Starkey hearing aids before you can use it. This is a straight-forward procedure which can be done at home; and is detailed step by step in the user guide. 

User guide

Dimensions: 72mm circle diameter x 11mm depth; 60g weight

Rechargeable: fully charged in 2 hours - gives 12 hours of streaming  

Note that you can control the Table Microphone via the Starkey Thrive Hearing Control app which is free to download. 

Whilst designed primarily for Starkey Livio hearing aid wearers, the Table Microphone can also be used by people not wearing hearing aids by plugging in wired headphones into the 3.5mm audio output socket.