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The Signia Hearing Aid Range

Signia combines revolutionary features with discreet style to offer a range of high-end hearing aids at affordable prices. Signia hearing aids improve your hearing to an exceptional level whilst preserving the sound of your own voice – giving a natural hearing experience.

All Signia hearing aids can also be controlled through the Signia smartphone App or a handy pocket remote.

Which Signia Hearing Aid is Right for You?

Signia offer a range of different types of hearing aids and we stock two of their discreet hearing aid models (the Signia Silk Nx hearing aids) and a BTE hearing aid – the Signia Motion 13 1Nx:

Signia Silk 1Nx Digital Hearing Aid

An in-ear hearing aid, this Signia Silk device delivers great sound quality, a discreet size and instant fit.

The Signia Silk 1Nx can be controlled via a smartphone App which provides volume, tone and listening programme controls. If you don’t have a smartphone, a pocket remote can be purchased alongside the device.

Signia Silk 3Nx Digital Hearing Aid

The Signia Silk 3Nx isn’t only an incredibly discreet hearing aid, but also delivers high-quality sound programming. The Silk 3Nx offers more sound processing features than the Signia Silk 1Nx which helps with hearing speech in noise.

Offering 6 different listening programmes that can be controlled through an easy to use smartphone App or a pocket remote which is sold separately.

Signia Silk 5Nx Digital Hearing Aid

Our smallest in-ear hearing aid, the Signia Silk 5Nx is our flagship product. This device has everything that the Signia Silk 3Nx has to offer with some impressive additional features. These include 8 additional sound processing channels (32 compared to 24 in the Signia Silk 3Nx), 5 levels of noise reduction and a ‘High definition music’ programme.

This is our go-to solution for those looking for the best possible help with hearing clarity.

Signia Motion 13 1Nx Digital Hearing Aid

The Signia Motion 13 Nx is a versatile behind-the-ear hearing aid, ideal for those with individual fitting requirements.

Its cutting-edge technology harmonises your voice with surrounding sounds delivering the most natural own voice and best speech understanding in noise solution.

This BTE hearing aid also offers ‘Made for iPhone’ direct connection to iPhones via Bluetooth and can be controlled via the Signia smartphone app. Additional features include the ability pair to the Signia Streamline Mic and the Signia StreamLine TV.

Looking After Your Signia Hearing Aid

We have a useful blog post on cleaning and taking care of your Signia hearing aid here.

About Signia

Signia hearing aids were originally a brand under hearing aid manufacturers Siemens. In 2015 Sivantos bought Siemens hearing aid division and in 2017 the brand Signia was born.

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