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Signia C Grid Filter

A Signia wax system supplied as a dial of 16. About Signia Signia hearing aid accessories are wor...

Signia Cleaning Wipes - box of 30

Box of 30 individually wrapped hearing aid cleaning wipes. The cleaning wipes are filled with a s...
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Signia Cleaning Wire Pack of 5

Flexible wires designed to clean inside the tubes of your hearing aids. These thin and flexible w...

Signia Click Domes - Closed

What Is It? Packet of 6 Click closed domes, Choose between 6mm, 8mm or 10mm sizes. (Image shows ...

Signia Click Domes - Double

Please note these are the Click style domes for Signia RIC Ear Hearing Aids What Is It? Pack of ...

Signia Click Domes - Open

What Is It? Packet of 6 Click open domes, Choose between 4mm, 8mm or 10mm sizes.  What Does It ...

Signia Click Domes - Semi-Open

What Is It? Packet of 6 Click Semi-open domes (may also be referred to as a Click Tulip dome) On...
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Signia Click Receiver Wire Concha Lock

What Is It? Single Concha Lock Attaches to a Signia Click receiver wire/tubing Improves retentio...

Signia Click Sleeve Domes - Closed

What are they? Pack of 6 closed sleeve domes Suitable for all Signia / Signia / Rexton RIC heari...

Signia Click Sleeve Domes - Vented

What are they? Pack of 6 vented sleeve domes (vented refers to the holes on the 'skirt' of the d...

Signia Closed Domes 8mm

What Is It? Packet of 10 closed domes 8mm size. What Does It Do? Attaches to end of Life Tubes...
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Signia Connexx Thin Tubes Pack of 5

What is it? Pack of 5 Signia ThinTube tubings Choose the side (left or right) and the required l...
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