Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories

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Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories From £1.99

We supply a selection of key hearing aid accessories and parts to complement your Phonak Hearing Aids.

Whether you need new parts to enhance your device or seek spares to fix it, we've got you covered. On this product page you can find domes, wax guards, tubes, cleaning products, dehumidifiers and weather protectors for your Phonak Hearing Aid.

We also dispense our own brand of hearing aid accessories. We stock a vast selection of hearing aid batteries in all the common sizes starting at £1.69.

Enjoy More Sounds...

Phonak also makes accessories to enhance your listening experience.

The Phonak Roger EasyPen is a slender, discreet, wireless microphone that is simple to operate. It is an ideal tool to help you tune into small group or one-on-one conversations. The microphone levels automatically adjust according to your listening environment, speech understanding is enhanced and background noise reduced.

Phonak Wireless TV listeners stream sound directly to your hearing aids and help you better enjoy the shows you love.

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