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What are In Ear Hearing Aids?

Our in ear hearing aids (or ITE) sit comfortably in the average sized adult's ear canal making them virtually invisible. If you do find them uncomfortable, they come with a selection of different sized domes (fitting tips) to get the best fit. The small front of the device is the only area visible for most adults.

Designed with mild to moderate hearing loss in mind, our range of hearing aids have all the features needed to help effectively manage your hearing impairment.

Our in the ear hearing aids are so lightweight and small you will barely notice that you are wearing them. Despite being so small they are still packed full of the latest features and are great quality.

How do In Ear Hearing Aids work?

An in ear hearing aid is an electronic device which increases the volume of sounds around you. This can help you hear speech more clearly, particularly in noisy places. They are usually only suitable if a person has a mild to severe hearing loss or impairment.

A digital hearing aid consists of three basic parts: a microphone, an amplifier and a loudspeaker. The microphone receives the sound and converts it into an electrical signal. The amplifier increases the strength of this signal according to the requirements of the loudspeaker. Finally, the speaker produces the sound that goes directly into a person's ear canal.

Which In Ear Hearing Aid is right for me?

Our blog is packed with valuable resources including guides, reviews and advice across an array of hearing loss subjects. The following give you more information on in ear hearing aids:

Our lead audiologist Joan has written a helpful guide on the accessories you may need for In Ear (or ITC) NHS Hearing Aids called: What do I need to replace on my in-the-ear hearing aids?

We also provide a range of key accessories and hearing aid batteries for your device to complement your in ear hearing aid.

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