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Hearing aids & Assistive Listening devices

  • HD Bliss 2 Digital Hearing Aid

    Original price £125.00 - Original price £250.00
    Original price
    £125.00 - £250.00
    £125.00 - £250.00
    Current price £125.00

    Our latest HD Bliss 2 is the perfect pre-programmed solution for those situations where speech clarity is an issue. Great for everyday listening, T...

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  • HD Bliss 4 Digital Hearing Aid

    Original price £160.00 - Original price £320.00
    Original price
    £160.00 - £320.00
    £160.00 - £320.00
    Current price £160.00

    Our latest HD Bliss 4 is the perfect pre-programmed solution for those situations where speech clarity is an issue. Slightly smaller than the HD2 v...

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  • HD Freedom 230 Digital Hearing Aid

    Original price £229.00 - Original price £412.00
    Original price £229.00 - Original price £412.00
    Original price £229.00
    £206.10 - £370.80
    £206.10 - £370.80
    Current price £206.10

    The HD Freedom 230 is a mid-range in-the-ear hearing aid that has the same physical design as our previous popular HD91 model, but is loaded with m...

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  • Signia Active - Rechargeable in-the-ear hearing aid

    Original price £599.00 - Original price £999.00
    Original price
    £599.00 - £999.00
    £599.00 - £999.00
    Current price £599.00

    Modern-looking, easy to use, rechargeable on the go and quick to fit in your ears, the Signia Active hearing aids are perfect for those wanting les...

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Want to chat to an audiologist?

We have a dedicated team of audiologists available to help. Leading the team at is Bev, who is happy to answer any questions you might have.

Hearing Direct Hearing Aids

We are one of the world's leading experts on hearing aids and we have a specially selected range of devices available. Our hearing aids are suitable for managing a mixed degree of hearing loss and are ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing impairments. Our Audiologist Bev has written “Mild Hearing Loss Explained” a guide to the different levels of hearing loss. Different types of hearing loss also need different treatment options, explained in our Guide to Different Types of Hearing Loss.

The hearing devices we dispense have been purposefully designed with price in mind and we offer an affordable alternative to purchasing hearing aids privately.

Shop online to browse the following types of hearing aid:

Our range features a 12-month manufacturer warranty, free standard shipping, and you'll be fully covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Benefits of Digital Hearing Aids

The reward for wearing hearing aids is priceless. Not only do they improve life quality, above all, but the ability to hear clearly again is also unparalleled. Hearing aids are small, lightweight, and fit comfortably in the canal or behind your ear. It's likely you'll forget you're even wearing one.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Enjoy the sounds you love.
  • Improved clarity and amplification means you'll no longer miss conversations.
  • Compatible with essential household items such as amplified phones.
  • Updated technologies provide consistent and sustained sounds in mixed environments.
  • Hearing aid style, shape, and design advancements make devices comfortable to wear.
  • Many of our hearing aids come fully programmable to match test results and are ready to wear on arrival.

Depending on the severity of your impairment, specific devices may be more suitable for managing your hearing loss. The models available are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss and are programmable to match your needs.

Types of Hearing Aids Explained

We supply many types of hearing aids. Depending on your preference and the desired features, one model may be more appropriate than another. The types of instrument listed below are commonplace on the market:

For example, you may favour ITE hearing aids that fit in the ear canal which are less visible than a BTE device. Your choice is also likely to be down to personal preference and comfortability.

How to Buy Digital Hearing Aids Online

It is ever so easy to browse, order, and receive a device. Just navigate our online store to find the hearing aid you want to buy and add to basket just as you would on any other website. Watch our 90-second video guide to see exactly how simple and straightforward it is:

You don't need approval from a hearing care professional or a subscription from a GP. You order the device you want and have it delivered right to your door.

Test your Hearing

If you have any concern about your hearing, take our free online hearing test. Results will indicate whether or not you need to take further action.

Hearing devices are a popular way of managing sensorineural hearing loss, one of the most common types of permanent hearing impairments. Whilst the test will not be able to distinguish the direct cause, we recommend consulting a health care practitioner or audiologist for a professional diagnosis.

Whether you have a mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss, our hearing check can help identify which steps to take next.

Useful Resources

Our blog is home to valuable resources including product reviews and informative guides to help you. For example:

More than Hearing Aids

We supply invaluable products to benefit the hard of hearing. You can also order online:

If you have any questions regarding any of our hearing aids then please do get in touch and our specialist team will do their best to help.