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Hearing Aid Wax Guards

Persona Ole Wax Guards

Supplied as a dial of 15 replacement filters. Designed for exclusive use with the Persona Ole He...

Oticon No Wax Pack of 5

Oticon No Wax wax guards in 5 packs of 6 guards which are ideal for most Oticon in-the-ear hearin...

Signia NHS Contrast R+ miniReceiver Wax Guard

What Is It? One pack containing 8 wax guards with insertion/removal tools About Signia Signia...

Signia Disposable Wax Protection System

These wax guards can only be used on hearing aids fitted with this particular system; predominant...

Resound NHS Danalogic C-Series RIC HF3 Wax Filter

What Is It? One pack containing 15 wax guards with one insertion/removal tool. What Does It D...

Beltone Sentry Wax

What Is It? Pack of 4 red and 4 blue wax guards What Does It Do? Prevents wax from entering th...

HF3 Wax Filter

What Is It? Dial of 15 blue or red HF3 wax filters Comes with insertion / extraction tool Bl...

Signia Quickguard

Pack of 8 wax guards. Used on Signia custom-made in-the-ear instruments and RIC moulds. Also comp...
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A hearing aid wax guard protects your hearing aid from ear wax, the main cause of hearing aid malfunction. We provide a wide range of wax guards to fit different models and styles.
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