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Power One Pocket Charger For Accu Plus Batteries

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This is the Power One Pocket Charger compatible with the Power One Accu Plus Rechargeable hearing aid batteries size 10, 312 and 13. It comes with 3 different battery compartment cartridges (one for each size of batteries) and can recharge up to two sets of batteries in less than 2 hours. Compact and lightweight, it fits in your pocket. The Power One Pocket Charger doesn't require a main power supply. In fact, it works with a rechargeable lithium battery (included) which means that you can take it anywhere with you and recharge your hearing aid batteries when needed.

Note that this device is only compatible with the Power One Accu Plus rechargeable hearing aid batteries.

What Is It?

  • Power One Pocket Charger
  • Dimensions: 55mm x 11mm x 86mm
  • Weight: 41g

What Does It Do?

  • Recharge up to two batteries at the time in less than two hours
  • Works with a rechargeable battery Lithium Polymer EasyPack (included in the box) or with the main power
  • Easy to use with bright led signal

Can Be Used With:

  • Compatible with Power One Accu Plus rechargeable batteries
  • Suitable for rechargeable hearing aid batteries size 10, 312 and 13

About power one

Manufactured in Germany, power one batteries are amongst the world's top selling hearing aid batteries. They combine the highest quality and reliability giving a long life and maximum comfort.

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