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Phonak Drying Capsules

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The Phonak Drying Capsules are designed to absorb any moisture which may build up on or inside your hearing aids. Each capsule will last about 2 weeks when used every day. 

The Phonak Drying Capsules are to be used with the Phonak Drying Beaker available to order here. Using one at a time, a capsule  can be used until the yellow indicator turns white. Simply put the capsule in the drying beaker, remove the battery from your hearing aid and then place it in the insert. Put the insert back into the drying beaker, (so that your hearing aid doesn’t touch the drying capsule) and put the lid back on the beaker. Leave it to dry, ideally overnight.

The capsule can be used and reused until the yellow indicator turns white. We advise that you remove the capsule from the blister only when you are ready to use it. Once the capsule is out of its packaging, it will be activated. Make sure you seal the drying beaker once the capsule is inside it to extend its lifespan.

The box contains 6 capsules made of silica crystals, compatible with all hearing aids. 

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