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Doro Mobile Phones & Smartphones

As a leading developer of hearing impaired necessities, Doro has a fantastic reputation for providing innovative, quality products that can make a real difference in everyday life. We believe their amplified mobile phones are of a remarkable standard and their high quality mirrors the service that we at Hearing Direct wish to provide.

With a focus on straightforward features, Doro aims to assist the aging population and the growing number of people with hearing loss by producing mobile phones that people seriously benefit from. Doro are dedicated to providing easy to use mobile phones, making communication more accessible. You will notice that their models offer all the necessary features you'd expect, ensuring that calling and texting is effortless and a pleasure.

Which Doro Mobile Phone is Right For You?

If you are looking for a mobile phone for the eldery or for the hearing impaired, Doro provides some fantastic devices. With large buttons, clear and dynamic screens, Doro smartphones and mobiles make sending text messages and calls an absolute delight. The Doro 6620 is a prime example of one of their pioneering mobile phones. Encompassing all the modern day features you'd expect, this Doro flip phone includes hearing aid compatibility, HD voice technology and widely spread high contrast keys. If you are looking for a simple smartphone, the Doro 8080is a great choice. Designed with safety in mind, this Doro smartphone offers simplicity making it easy to take advantage of calls, emails and texts, while staying connected with many great Apps that have already been set up.

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