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Geemarc Amplidect 595 U.L.E Doorbell - Cordless Phone Accessory

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When used with the AMPLIDECT595 U.L.E cordless telephone, the DOORBELL595 U.L.E will alert you when someone is ringing at your door.
Together the doorbell and 595 Cordless phone work as an intercom and will allow you to easily speak with the person at your door via the handset of your telephone.
Doorbell calls can also be transferred to an external number.

Key Features:

  • Emitter
  • Push button
  • Waterproof (IP44)
  • Works only with the AMPLIDECT595 U.L.E and the RINGER595 U.L.E
  • Intercom function
  • Doorbell call can be transferred to an external number
  • The RINGER595 U.L.E's ringtone is different from the calling ringtone of the AMPLIDECT595 U.L.E
  • Works with 2 AA batteries
  • Possibility to connect up to two DOORBELL595 U.L.E to the same base

**Requires the Amplidect 595 U.L.E - Shop Here



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