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Geemarc CLA9T Amplified Hearing Headset System

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. please do call our expert customer service team for further advice.

This clever device is designed to help one to one conversations and other in-home listening requirements by placing an amplifying unit near the source of desired sound - which can be someone speaking or the radio/television. The output is received through a set of headphones and the volume and tone can be adjusted to suit. It is also compatible with Telecoil loop systems and can transmit output from these systems into the headphones.

Volume control up to 25 dB
Tone control
Super sensitive microphone
Special coating for noise free handling
Up to 10 hours talk time
Rechargeable battery and charger included
Balance control
Ultra light headset
Belt clip

Compatible with Loop amplifiers
Extension microphone for personal TV amplification

Customer Reviews

  1. I have had some time to test out my Geem...

    by David Cook on 12/04/2012

    I have had some time to test out my Geemarc Conversation Piece CLA9T, and here is my review. This product represents excellent value for money, for very specific amplification purposes. It boasts high build-quality, is well featured, and the inclusion of a good quality remote mic is impressive. Both the Balance and Tone controls, though a little difficult to reach, work perfectly, with an especially impressive tonal range. You will, however, need a small watchmakers cross head screwdriver to make the adjustments. The audio is sensitive and clear, however, using the Conversation Piece on 'mic' with the belt clip, is not really practical. The very sensitive in-built microphone picks up every movement of clothing against the case, and should you knock the case, the sound is considerably amplified, to the extent that it gives you a bit of a shock. Once the remote mic is plugged in, this problem disappears. Similarly, the 'audio-typist' style headset is also very sensitive, and magnifies all surface contact, including the slightest rubbing of clothing. Frankly, it is simply not fit for purpose. In fact, with so many fine quality ear buds and over-the-ear headsets available, it is beyond comprehension that Geemarc would want to saddle the user with this. On balance, a sadly flawed design, but well engineered, and with an impressive specification. Ideal for specific needs, such as watching television and listening to lectures. Note: when charging the battery for the first time, the green light takes a little while to come on. I liked the Hearing Direct website very much. Product information was excellent, especially the inclusion of a video demonstration: which sold it for me. The unit was delivered well within the estimated delivery time, and a personal follow up email from the company, checking that everything was okay, marks them out for me as a very professional and reliable organisation.
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