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Cedis Skincare Gel 5ml


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What is it?

  • 5ml tube
  • Cosmetic skincare gel for the ears of those wearing hearing aids or hearing protection
  • Contains an herbal active complex made of aloe vera

What does it do?

  • Prevents irritation and skin problems in the ear and reduces the sensation of a foreign object in the ear canal
  • Can simplify the cleaning and maintenance of the earmoulds or hearing protection as it does not allow ear wax residue to harden on the surface of the product
  • Helps ease insertion and removal of the earmould or hearing protection
  • Easily absorbed by the skin

Apply the Cedis care gel in the morning and evening, or more frequently as needed, on the cleaned surface of the earmould/hearing protection. For best wearing comfort, use the gel before and after wearing your earmould or hearing protection.