Loud Or LOUD

17 December, 2010 | Stuart Cantebury
"Speak up please ... ok, there's no need to shout!" If you have a relative or acquaintance with hearing loss, you may have hea ...

Christmas Is Not A Good Time For Those With Fat Fingers

16 December, 2010 | Stuart Cantebury
When one thinks of the magic of Christmas, fabulous images are conjured up of chestnuts roasting over an open fire, skaters pi ...

The Pros and Cons Of Shopping Online

10 December, 2010 | Stuart Cantebury
On Saturday 4th December some lunatic within our household decided that it would be a good idea to go to the Christmas Market ...

Spectacle Hearing Aids Explained

29 November, 2010 | Stuart Cantebury
A fair number of people ask us whether we supply spectacle hearing aids; perhaps because Jamie Murray Wells, the founder of Gl ...

You're More Important Than Simon Cowell

26 November, 2010 | Stuart Cantebury
Recently I attended the eCommerce Awards dinner as HearingDirect had been shortlisted in the Best Start-up Company category. T ...

Review Of Hard Of Hearing Amplified Aids

24 November, 2010 | Stuart Cantebury
Hearing loss is more common than many people think. Around 9 million UK residents are defined as hard of hearing (source: the ...

The Perfect Christmas Gift For Teenagers

15 November, 2010 | Stuart Cantebury was born with a vision to better serve the hearing impaired by giving easy access to state of the art digita ...

HD350 Hearing Aid An Honest Review

04 November, 2010 | Stuart Cantebury
When buying anything over the Internet, I am an avid reader of customer reviews which can often provide an insight into someth ...

Used Hearing Aids - Should You, Would You?

03 November, 2010 | Stuart Cantebury
In more recent times, especially during a difficult financial period, second hand goods have become an increasingly popular ch ...
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