Where To Find Hearing Aid Advice

Many people suffering from hearing loss and their friends and relatives sometimes find difficulty in obtaining enough relevant information about hearing impairment, types of hearing loss, hearing aids, assistive hearing devices, etc.

It is very important for everyone who has some kind of a hearing problem to be well informed and aware of the options for coping with the issue.

Sources of Information for Hearing Aid Advice

The first source of information that you should consider if you suspect or already have a hearing problem is a medical specialist. Our audiologists are on hand and you can email, call, or book a 20 minute consultation with them.

Consulting your GP, an audiologist and/or an ENT specialist is crucial for the right diagnosis and determining the severity and type of the hearing loss. They can perform tests to check your condition, provide you with professional information about your specific case and recommend the most suitable hearing aid and possible treatment.

As a next source of hearing problem advice you can use the NHS website. It offers comprehensive information on hearing loss, hearing tests, ear infections, prevention of hearing loss and other relevant topics on hearing impairment. You can also find real stories and information about clinical trials. You can inform yourself about the different hearing conditions, whom to turn to and whether you are eligible for a hearing aid free of charge and how to obtain it.

For more information about hearing problems, you can also use numerous organisations that collect such data and offer advice. Some of these organisations include:

Furthermore, for even more information on hearing and hearing aids you can use a vast number of websites and blogs devoted to the problem. While many websites focus only on the commercial side and offer a wide range of hearing aid models and features, others combine the convenience of an online shop with useful and sincere advice. Hearing Direct aims to provide you with the most recent information and the most affordable and high quality hearing solutions. With regular news and articles on hearing loss topics we try to keep you updated with the latest events and developments of hearing aids.

On our website you can check your hearing for free, consult our in-house audiologist, chat with us online and ask your questions that will be answered in real time or check our FAQ. 

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