What Are Amplified Alarm Clocks

There are a number of devices which the hard of hearing use to manage hearing loss. Most common are hearing aids which differ from one to the other in terms of their fit and amplification levels. The second most common group are devices which are tasked with giving an alert. The most popular of these devices are Amplified Alarm Clocks which have been designed for the hard of hearing.

9 million UK residents possibly suffer from some type of hearing loss. According to a 2005 survey by the RNID, 6.5 million are over the age of 65, while the rest vary in age. The most common reason for hearing loss is age related, which be from as early as 40 years of age. When age related hearing loss occurs, the solution is often to manage the condition rather than to cure it. Standard alarm clocks are ineffective for the hard of hearing and the deaf because they have a standard alert volume. Amplified alarm clocks on the other hand consist of an extra loud ringer as well as additional functionality adapted specifically for the hard of hearing. They use flashing lights and vibration pads which fit under a pillow to compliment the extra loud ringer and by so doing, offer a more complete sensory wake up call.

The two leading manufacturers of amplified alarm clocks are UK based Geemarc and Germany based Amplicom. Both companies which feature on the site offer a wide range of clocks; the most widely known of which is the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock.

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