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Top Wearable Technology For Hard Of Hearing

Wearable technology for the hard of hearing predates some of today's most popular devices. Hearing aids are one of the oldest forms of wearables, but now, they are more powerful and smarter. In this blog post, we guide you through the top devices, as well as showcase the essential hard of hearing items you need to improve both your hearing and quality of life.

Wearable Technology To Improve Your Hearing

When you think of wearable technology, your mind may jump straight to 21st-century inventions such as smartwatches or fitness and health trackers. But, in fact, hearing aids are the true innovator. Yes, watches were one of the very first and most common wearables, but as tech advances, so do creations. And, this very much includes the world of audiology.

Today, hearing loss is experienced by millions of people across the globe. With varying levels of impairments, some wearable devices may be more appropriate or effective for managing hearing loss. Other than a hearing aid, depending on your need, assistive listening devices exist to deliver the sounds you love directly to you.

Let's Start With The Hearing Aid...

Digital hearing aids were introduced prior to the calculator watch, which is one of the earliest wearable devices to be globally adopted. Since then, the calculator watch has faded away as smartphones continue to boom. Likewise, digital hearing aids continue to advance, improve, and contain a greater deal of fundamental features.

At Hearing Direct, affordable hearing aids are our speciality. The Signia Silk 1Nx is one of our latest pieces of wearable technology for the hard of hearing. This in-the-ear product delivers a natural hearing experience with its discreet size, instant fit and good sound quality.  In most ears, it is difficult to see whilst still being very easy to use. Ideal for managing mild to moderate losses, the device is also so small and lightweight, you'll even forget you're wearing it.

Better yet, you do not need a medical approval or subscription - simply order online and the device is ready to wear on arrival. For a complete and more pleasurable hearing experience, you may need to combine multiple devices to enjoy the sounds you love.

Essential Wearable Devices To Manage Hearing Loss

Alongside a hearing aid, wearable technology for the hard of hearing opens up more avenues for an immersive listening experience. We dispense a key selection of devices with the sole purpose of enhancing sounds for those with hearing impairments. For further product reviews or guides on wearable technology and hearing loss necessities, head over to our blog.

Assistive Listening Devices For Hard Of Hearing

Some of the most beneficial wearable technology comes in the form of assistive listening devices (ALDs). ALD is the umbrella term for a range of items that direct and deliver amplified sounds to your person. This includes the likes of:

The Geemarc CL7350 wireless TV listener connects to the latest televisions, media players, and smartphones (which offer digital optical output), providing high-quality stereo sound. You can be sure to enjoy the very best sound quality with no distracting interference for you or others. The wearable device is worn around the neck, and its lightweight design ensures it hangs comfortably without causing strain. Furthermore, you may wish to consider a Phonak Compilot II. The device is worn around the neck and boasts up to 24 hours of streaming time per battery cycle. It is compatible with most Phonak hearing aids and can be used alongside the Phonak TV link to turn your hearing aids into a set of wireless headphones.

Explore Even More Accessories...

At Hearing Direct, we dispense a wide range of hearing aid accessories for a broad selection of models including branded devices. Other than wearables, you may require other components to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the sounds you love. You can browse our web store and shop for the following:

Check Your Hearing For Free Today

You can check for hearing loss right now with our online hearing test. It is free, takes a matter of minutes, and the results are instant.

Results will indicate if you should take further action to look after your hearing. We strongly recommend that if you do have any concerns, that you consult a medical professional or licensed audiologist for clinical testing.

About Hearing Direct

We are one of the world's leading hearing aid specialists. HearingDirect offers a wide range of affordable products, and information resources to help improve the quality of life for the hard of hearing. We sell:

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