The Loudest Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are a popular way for waking up. They produce a loud abrupt sound that sends an "alarming" message to the brain, increase the adrenaline level and make us immediately alert. Although many people use their phones to wake up, those who are hard of hearing or are heavy sleepers often do not benefit from a regular alarm clock or a mobile phone alarm as they will not hear or be sufficiently disturbed by the sound of the alarm at all.

Very loud alarm clocks are not a novelty and a variety of models exists. They are particularly useful for people with a hearing problem that have difficulty hearing the standard alarm clocks. Many loud alarm clocks are also equipped with other helpful features such as vibrating pad for use under a pillow, bright flashing lights, etc. thus catering for a full set of stimuli for waking up.

At you can find a wide range of loud alarm clocks, both digital and analogue, , from leading manufacturers such as Geemarc, Amplicomms and Sonic Alert. Usually the loud alarm clocks offer amplification to around 90dB. However, depending on the need and the hearing loss you can choose an extremely loud alarm clock with a volume increase to up 113dB.

Such a clock is the Sonic Bomb SBB500SS Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock - the world's loudest alarm clock. It also comes with a vibrating pad that you can put under your pillow. The display is bright red and allows for easy adjustment in a dark room. In addition, when the alarm goes off it is accompanied by bright pulsating lights that will light the whole room and together with the high pitch sound and the powerful vibration will wake the deepest of sleepers. It can be used both by very heavy sleepers and by people with some degree of hearing loss.

Depending on your specific hearing loss you may benefit from very loud alarm clocks that do not produce sounds above 100dB but in the range of 80-90dB.

Below you can find a list of some very loud alarm clocks that you can find at

Model Decibel Level Type
Sonic Bomb SBB500SS 113dB digital
Sonic Alert SB200SS 113dB digital
Amplicom TCL190 90dB analogue
Amplicom TCL200 90dB digital
Geemarc Wake N Shake 85dB digital
Sonic Alert SBA475 80dB analogue
Amplicomms TCL210 80dB digital
Sonic Alert SBP100 70dB digital