The Importance Of A Good Fit

Bethan's brief London tenure at The Ministry of Defence has drawn to a close. There are pros and cons to this. She wasn't hugely inspired by the job so is very happy to be back working with soldiers again. For me as much as sharing my life with a maniacal Spaniel has been fun it will be wonderful to have mid-week evening company again.

Neither of us will miss the early Monday morning commute to Waterloo and on this first day of her new life we were able to luxuriate with an extra half an hour in bed. Our "gained time" was derived not only from being able to ignore the 07:07 train from Micheldever Station but also as Bethan no longer has a daily wardrobe decision. Having worked with civvies and in civilian clothes at the Ministry of Defence, she is now firmly back in green, wearing uniform to work again - no thought process required and trust me that saves time, a lot of time! Her day to day wear is typically the standard Army issue combats but her new job is as a result of her recent promotion, so she is now such a Grand Fromage of the military world that an entirely new uniform was required.

Being a simple civvy, albeit with a very brief military history I don't fully understand the ways of the Army but when one gets to a certain rank, you leave your regiment or Corps and become classified as "General Staff". This requires new uniform or at least new formal uniforms. While at the tailors being fitted she was attended to by a gentleman tailor who had clearly had to moderate his usual handling of male officers.

The clothing too has some consideration of a more feminine form with the waistcoats shaped to accommodate the in & outs of the fairer sex. Bethan's waistcoat wasn't quite right, with the feminine cut being slightly offset to that which it should be accommodating. The gentleman tailor, was ever dignified and in a gentle tone he requested of her to "Please align the curve of the waistcoat with your points of prominence." If one resorts to the vernacular there is a veritable plethora of words and phrases to describe a lady's chest but "points of prominence" was a new one to both of us! Hats off to the tailor he did what was required to achieve the fit while steadfastly protecting the dignity of all concerned.

He like all of us at are aware of the importance of a good fit and in order to improve that we have created some new products. The Dome Selection for the HD300, HD350 and HD400 has always been a popular item, allowing customers to try all the different domes and we have now extended that to include a Tube Selection for the same products. Finally on the site we have now combined the two to provide a Total Fitting Kit, which includes the selection of both domes and tubes. The HD300, HD350 and HD400 will still be provided with the standard domes and tubes that do fit the vast majority but there is now a choice to see if you can get an even better fit with any combination that may better suit your individual ears. Tailoring HearingDirect style!