Telephones Compatible with Hearing Aids

Hearing aid compatible phonesdo exist. Not only are they of great benefit to hearing aid wearers, these extra loud phones are also extremely useful to anyone who is hard of hearing. At Hearing Direct, we are able to provide a high-quality selection ofamplified phonesthat work with hearing aids.

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Telephones Compatible With Hearing Aids

Many telephones in the amplified phones market claim to be hearing aid compatible but what does this really mean? In order to answer this, we need to understand what amplified telephones are designed to do and how they can be of service to those who struggle to hear people on the phone. Telephones compatible with hearing aids and amplified phones, be it a corded amplified phone or a cordless version, mobile or smartphone, has two main properties that differentiate it from the standard equivalents. 1. It is able to provide significantly more volume from its ringer and the incoming caller's voice without compromising on clarity. 2. It can often be described as hearing aid compatible. These two features are, in fact, distinct from each other. Furthermore, if you are visually impaired, big button phones offer a simplified telecomms option.

How Hearing Aid Compatibility Works

Hearing aid compatible phones are notjust 'hearing aid friendly' in the sense that they are easier to use with hearing aids than ordinary phones, although this is often the presumption as to the meaning of their 'compatibility'. It actually refers to something quite different and much more beneficial. The term is referring to the communication capabilities between the phone and the hearing aid. Hearing aid compatible phones have an induction loop in the handset that connects to a hearing aid when it is in its 'T' or telecoil setting. Once connected, the output from the phone is transmitted directly to the hearing aid and then amplified by the settings within the device. Therefore, the phone is not providing the volume/amplification but rather the hearing aid is at whatever level has been programmed for the individual and their hearing loss. In addition, these phones also have the ability to provide a much greater than normal volume level straight from the handset. As such, many people choose to use these phones without their hearing aids. The fact that these types of phones offer both of these two separate benefits with the same goal in mind (that of helping people hear better on the phone) makes them particularly good value for money and also distinguishes them from some 'big button' phones that purport to help with this issue.

Which Amplified Phones Are Compatible With Digital Hearing Aids?

Which phones are best for the hearing impaired? We have put together a guide to provide you with the best phones for the hard of hearing that we supply. Phones for the hard of hearing can help ease communication for both the hearing impaired and the elderly. At Hearing Direct we are able to offer a vast selection of many super loud phones, from amplified phones to extra loud mobile phones.This includes our excellent range of: [caption id="attachment_1935" align="alignright" width="300"]Corded black desk phone with display Doro Magna 4000 Extra Loud Phone[/caption]

Doro Magna 4000

For example, theDoro Magna 4000 is one of THE loudest phones in production today, boasting a powerful 60dB voice volume with a 90dB ringer volume; that's about 6 times louder than a standard phone! It is ideal for both the home and workplace, and its big buttons make it the perfect choice for seniors.
[caption id="attachment_2985" align="alignright" width="300"]Two cordless silver phones with matching base units Amplicomms PowerTel 2702 - Amplified, Cordless, DECT Phone Twinset[/caption]

Amplicomms PowerTel 2702

Good things come intwos. The PowerTel 2702 is no exception. Offering efficient usability, this model is well suited for anyone seeking a simple telephone. Both handsets feature large buttons for easy dialing and visual alerts help emphasize incoming calls. With an amplified volume of up to 40dB and a ringer volume that extends to 90dB - you can alter these cordless handsets tomatch your hearing needs. The PowerTel 2702 is hearing aid compatible with HD sound. Click here to see more of our compatible telephones.

Check Your Hearing Online For Free

At HearingDirect, we have created our very ownonline hearing checkso you can test your hearing for free and in the comfort of your own home. All you will need is a few free minutes and some ear or headphones. Once the test is complete, you will get your results instantly via email and based on the outcome of the hearing test, you may be encouraged to take further action.

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