Signia Hearing Aids Cleaning and Care Tips

As with any piece of technology worn close to the skin, regular cleaning is required in order to preserve hygiene and prolong the life of your hearing aid. By keeping it in top-notch condition, you will be rewarded with the very best sound quality. There is just one golden rule, keep your hearing aid free from moisture whenever possible. Like most electrical appliances, water can cause a great deal of damage. To help you, we've devised a step-by-step guide to caring for your Signia hearing aid.

General Cleaning Tips for Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

Signia Motion 13 1Nx digital hearing aid
  • Stage 1 - Carry out a full visual inspection of your hearing aid. Make a note of any apertures that are more likely to be clogged with dirt or moisture.
  • Stage 2 - Preferably, you should aim to wash your tubing and ear moulds weekly, if not daily, using warm, soapy water, before rinsing for best effect. Use an air blower to dry internally. Make sure the parts are detached from the hearing aid before cleansing commences and DO NOT wash the hearing aid itself. This must be kept dry at all times.
  • Stage 3 - For those hearing aids with a Lifetube, you need to slowly twist it off the main part of the hearing aid. Then push a cleaning wire through the tube. This will clear out any unwanted debris, which can be wiped away from the end of the wire, as it emerges.
  • Stage 4 - To clean the hearing aid itself, gently apply a dry cloth or cleansing wipe to the area, to be rid of daily debris.
  • Stage 5 - Re-attach your ear mould and tubing to your hearing aid.
  • Stage 6 - Place your hearing aid into a drying container overnight to get rid of any excess moisture. For best results, leave the battery door open.

Note: Replace the tubing attached to your hearing aid every 3 to 6 months, depending upon usage. Domes should be replaced more frequently, between every 6 and 10 weeks.

In The Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

Signia Silk 1Nx Digital Hearing aid
  • Stage 1 - Carry out a full visual inspection to ensure you have located the dirt that requires removal.
  • Stage 2 -To clean your hearing aid, you will need to use a soft, dry cloth or wipe and keep all moisture away from the area. Gently remove any wax or skin debris that may be blocking up any apertures. Most In Ear hearing aids are also supplied with a brush for removing wax etc. If you do not have one, then we have the Hearing Aid Brush with Magnet and Wax Loop.
  • Stage 3 - Place your hearing aid into a drying container overnight to get rid of any excess moisture. For best results, leave the battery door open.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Products

HearingDirect stock a variety of products that tackle hearing aid maintenance.

There are drying containers, cushions and capsules that remove moisture; cleaning wipes to get rid of unwanted bacteria and wires to thread through the smallest, trickiest places.

Such products are designed to keep your hearing aid working to its optimum.

We've chosen just a few examples from our range to give you an idea of what's available:

  • Signia Cleaning Wire Pack of 5 - These can be used to thread through tubing to remove wax and other debris. They can then be easily cleaned using an anti-bacterial wipe.
  • SmartWipe Hygienic Wipes Box of 35 - Complete with dispensing box, these anti-fungal and antibacterial wipes are ideal for the daily maintenance of your hearing aid.
  • Hearing Aid Brush with Magnet and Wax Loop - A handy multi-purpose and all in one cleaning tool with several attachments for a complete clean.
  • Air Puffer In Blue - This is a nifty solution to getting rid of unwanted moisture in those hard to reach places after cleaning, such as tubing or ear moulds.
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit - This is a hearing aid maintenance kit which is suitable for use with all behind-the-ear hearing aids, and particularly those that are used with a custom-made ear mould and standard tubing.

For a more detailed listing of the types of cleaning equipment HearingDirect can offer have a look at our Cleaning and Hygiene collection.

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