Popular Speakerphones For Hard Of Hearing

The market offers various assistive options for the hard of hearing. Some of the most popular devices are the extra loud phones with a speakerphone option together with extensive sound amplification features. Unlike traditional phones that sound muted or distorted to the hard of hearing when placed on speakerphone, these popular devices below are specifically designed to use in a non-held manner.

Geemarc CL595 is a high performance, hands-free amplified speakerphone. It can be plugged directly into any standard phone jack, offering a quick and easy solution with simple installation. This phone has an adjustable receiving volume control, allowing amplification of up to 50dB. It also has 3 large photo buttons, making dialling very simple. Additionally, the phone features an answer machine with up to 30 minutes of recording time. The CL595 comes with an extra loud ringer and a visual call indicator.

Geemarc Clearsound AmpliPower 50 Telephone is an amplified phone that is suitable for the most severe types of hearing loss. It features advanced functions including large buttons, a speakerphone, and loud volume up to 60dB. The phone is compatible with hearing aids. The receiving tone control can be adjusted up to 10dB. The ringer volume is also adjustable. The extra bright indicator on the phone notifies of awaiting calls and messages. This is our loudest and most popular desk phone.

Amplicom PowerTel 46 Big Buttons Desk Phone, as its name suggests, is an attractive desk phone with a contemporary design and large buttons. The built-in amplifier allows hearing-impaired users to hear clearly and the reception in the receiver is greatly improved for those who use hearing aids. The phone is very simple to use because it has large buttons and hands-free functionality. The amplification level is up to 35dB for the receiver volume and 90dB + for the ringing tone volume. The PowerTel 46 has an optical LED indicator for incoming calls. Its bright display and illuminated dialling buttons make it extremely practical in every situation.

Amplicomms BigTel 50 Big Button Amplified Phone features an audio boost, a visual ring indicator, big buttons, is hearing aid compatible and 3 emergency one touch buttons. The 40dB of receiving volume makes it considerably louder than standard phones. It is suitable for all types of hearing loss. The BigTel 50 has an adjustable ringing tone and a receiver volume control, as well as a hands-free function. The LED light and illuminated display alert to incoming calls and show the time. This smart speaker phone has a call duration indicator and a phonebook with 30 entries. The BigTel 50 can be mounted on the wall or simply used as a desk phone.