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Hearing Aid Accessories

Are you wondering how to take care of your hearing aids over time? What does it involve and what are the replaceable parts? Find the answers to your questions in this article.

In order to keep hearing aids working properly and in good condition, they need to be well maintained and taken care of.

There are a variety of hearing aid accessories on the market to achieve quality maintenance for your hearing device and its parts.

hearing aids accessories

Protective accessories

Protective case

It’s always handy to have a case where you can store your hearing aids. Whether it’s at night time or when you’re exercising, a dedicated space for hearing aids protection is recommended.

Dry Box

Most of the hearing aids are not water resistant and need to be protected from moisture. In cases such as exercise or in hot summer weather when there’s a higher chance of perspiration, it’s a good idea to place the hearing aids in a dry box in order to remove the extra moisture.

Drying Capsules

Place drying capsules inside the drying box to absorb the moisture


To level up from a dry box, dehumidifier will disinfect your hearing aids thanks to it’s UV light feature. It will also remove all the moisture from your hearing aids. There’s no need of adding drying capsules to a dehumidifier which saves on buying extra components to your drying routine.

Tubes and domes

For behind the ear hearing aids, the hearing aid tubing and domes should be cleaned after separation from the hearing aid and have to be replaced every few months as they wear or become damaged. They can be purchased in packs depending on the hearing aid model.

Cleaning accessories

It is very important to clean you hearing aids regularly. Due to the build up of ear wax, the performance of the hearing aid can be impacted. The hearing aids often get clogged up – this can cause damage to the tubes & domes but also to the hearing aid itself.

Cleaning wire

Cleaning wire is used to clean the inside of a tube. It’s a thin flexible wire that will fit through the tubing enabling it to remove any built-up ear wax. You can use a cleaning wire for all types of tubing.


Use a cleaning brush to gently brush off any dirt from your hearing aids.

Disinfectant wipes

Disinfectant wipes are a simple and quick solution for when you want to give your hearing aids a quick clean and disinfect them from all the germs.


Batteries are essential for the functioning of hearing aids. Depending on the daily use and the size of the battery, they last from a few days to a few weeks. Some hearing aids indicate when their batteries are expiring and need replacement. It is a good idea always to have a packet of spare batteries in case they expire unexpectedly.

There are 4 types of batteries available:

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