Mobile Phones For The Hard Of Hearing Christmas Present Idea

Video Transcript for the Hard of Hearing:

If you're looking for ideas for presents for this Christmas, why not consider giving someone an amplified mobile phone? In our experience, many people are actually unaware that these kinds of devices exist.

Basically what they are, are easy to use mobile phones in a true sense of the word using SIM cards, simply providing extra amplification for sound coming in through the phone, so incoming voice is made a lot louder than on standard mobile phones. The primary market is of course the hard of hearing but in terms of the ease of use of the phones many of our customers are very elderly and need a mobile phone that is just a mobile phone, makes calls, can do texting and that's about all. There is of course another option, another list of options rather with more sort of sophisticated technical features like cameras. But the three phones I'm going to provide options for presents today are very simple to use and have as their main feature the amplification. I've put an iPhone 4 at the top simply to give you an idea of the size. We're not talking enormous phones.

The smallest of them is the Geemarc CL8400. This is the clamshell design. So as you can see when it's opened up the keypad is actually fairly large with very clear buttons and the screen offers quite a large area in which to see the numbers and letters. The functions of this particular mobile phone: texting, making and receiving calls. There is a radio function, but no camera or texting in terms of picture multimedia services. The amount of amplification that you get from here is up to 40 decibels, which is suitable for moderate-to-severe hearing impairment. It is also what they call hearing aid compatible, and by that they mean that it links in or that it can link into the telecoil position of hearing aids, if that is chosen in terms of the hearing aid use. The next one across is also from Geemarc, and it's called their CL8300. So, as you can see it's a more traditional looking phone. Big buttons: fairly simple to use, texting and making and receiving calls. The amount of amplification however is the main selling point of this particular phone. And one of the reasons why it's been incredibly popular since it was launched earlier this year. It provides an astounding forty five extra decibels particularly good for a mobile phone. If one considers its standard telephones will usually provide about an extra ten decibels of amplification, if you can turn it up at all. These provide forty five extra decibels and that's on top of the incoming sound.

The next one across, is from a different manufacturer called Amplicomms, and this is the M6000 model, also been a very popular model, particularly for people who are looking for a combination of ease of use, good extra loud sound, but also the flexibility to perhaps use modern technological features like Bluetooth connections. So the M6000 is Bluetooth enabled for connection particularly to hand free. It also offers the triband pick up, so it can be used all around the world. The other two phones from Geemarc, it's important to note that they are dual band, so they may be compatibility issues in countries like US and Canada. All of these phones are provided what they call 'unlocked' so any SIM card can be used, however one limitation is that SIM cards form three cannot be used. But any other ones, Vodafone, O2, Tmobile, existing SIM cards that you have should be absolutely fine to use. A really useful and practical present, for some of our customers.