Latest Simple Phones For Older People

One of the most important characteristics of any nation is its demographic profile. It actively affects many aspects of the public life, as well as influences the different branches of the country's manufacturing. At present, people in the age group above 65 in the UK number more than 10 million. Future predictions are that this number will continue to grow with constantly accelerating rates and by around 2050, this age group will reach nearly 20 million people.

The statistics have already been considered by some of the major companies operating in the market for hearing aids and assistive listening devices. The increasing number of elderly people has led to the production of different types of devices, which are specifically designed to help them communicate easily and improve their social life. For example, in contrast to telephones and mobile phones, which can be quite complex and offer highly varied features aimed at the younger generation, the devices that are targeted at the elderly are mainly characterised by simplicity, easiness and usability.

Besides problems with hearing, those over 65 often experience decreased finger mobility and eye sight deterioration. Many of these age characteristics have been addressed in the production of some of the latest phones for elderly people, which are available at Hearing Direct.

One of the biggest advantages of the Geemarc Dallas 10 Big Button Desk Telephone is the extra-large buttons as well as the bright visual ringer indicator, which make it really ease to use. The ringer volume can be adjusted to up to 15dB and this package of convenient features also comes at a very attractive price.

An alternative to the desk phone in the same price range, for those who prefer a wall mountable type of phone, is the Geemarc CL100 Big Button Phone.

Another interesting product from Geemarc is the PhotoPhone 100 Photo ID Amplified Telephone, which is easy to install and program and benefits from its unique ergonomic design. The phone features not only easy to press large dialling buttons, but also 8 "photo" ID memory buttons. They can be further customised with the photos of close family members and when the phone is programmed with the frequently used phone numbers, the dialling process becomes even simpler. The phone also features 3 one touch memory buttons, extra clear characters for further contrast, an amplification of up to 30dB and a handsfree speakerphone.

When it comes to mobile phones, one of the most recommended ones in our catalogue is the Doro PhoneEasy 338 GSM Mobile Phone. It is really simple and specifically designed to be easy to operate and make the calling/receiving process quick and trouble free. Some of the helpful features that are worth mentioning include - a backlit keypad, a simple menu navigation, a dial up safety alarm and a speed dial function for 3 numbers. The phone can be further simplified through a feature that allows the user to hide the functions they do not use.

The Amplicom PowerTel M6200 GSM Mobile Phone is a mobile phone that offers an excellent set of features at a very competitive price. Nothing about this phone is complicated or confusing. It offers an LCD colour display with a large font size, an SOS call button, a vibration alert, Caller ID, easy to dial big buttons and extra amplification.