Latest Amplified Mobiles From Amplicomms

Amplified phones are designed to improve communication for those with hearing loss. Amplicomms has finally done it with the introduction of their first amplified Smartphone. The PowerTel M9000 is an incredibly powerful mobile, bang up to date with all the very best technology, helping you stay in touch whilst on the move. With an enviable reputation for manufacturing some of the world's most respected phones, this is an exciting development that we want to share with you.

So, what's so fabulous about the PowerTel M9000?

Greater amplification: If you suffer from a hearing loss that makes utilising an ordinary mobile a frustrating and fruitless experience, then the M9000 could turn things around dramatically for the better. With a huge emphasis on greater amplification, not just for incoming speech but also ringer volume, there is no reason why you can't conduct a telephone conversation with confidence. Just adjust the volume to your specific needs and let the phone do the rest!

Easy to view colour screen: This phone sports a 4-inch colour screen, which is perfect to examine any pictures you've taken or to read a text from a friend.

Access to your email account and the Internet: With Wi-Fi connectivity, surfing on the Internet can be done from the comfort of your armchair, a garden bench or inside a bustling café. Respond to emails, check a restaurant's opening times or simply sit back and catch up on the latest TV drama. It's all there for the taking.

High-Resolution Camera with 5 Mega Pixel Autozoom: Do you ever come across those special moments in life when you just wish you had a camera? With the M9000 you'll always be equipped with the right technology to capture the moment.

Global Positioning System (GPS): Put an end to getting lost. If you want to know where you are at any given moment, then the GPS facility, built into the M9000 will tell you.

Android 4.2 operating system: In conjunction with the Android operating system, there are a number of Apps available to download, making your Smart Phone work even smarter, for you.

Other additional benefits include:

  • Telecoil compatible
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • SOS function
  • Extra loud ring tone approx. 90dB
  • Amplified receiver volume up to 40dB

Video Review:

If you're after an extra loud mobile phone, but seek a more simplified version, then Amplicomms can provide a solution with the PowerTel 8000. It has a high visibility screen with easy to use buttons, is hearing aid compatible and has Bluetooth connectivity. With an amplified voice volume of 35dB and a ringer volume of 90dB, it is significantly louder than your standard mobile. There is no Internet connection, but it does have an SMS text messaging service, a great digital camera and an SOS button in the event of an emergency.

Unfortunately these phones are no longer available. View our current range of amplified mobile phones here.