How To Combat Excess Earwax Using Audispray

What's so great about earwax?

Earwax is hugely important in maintaining healthy ears. It cleans, protects and softens them. Being naturally water resistant and on the sticky side, it traps unwanted dirt and repels water, protecting our ears from unwanted bacterial infections and fungi. Eventually it dries and falls out, taking with it any impurities.

How is earwax produced?

Wax glands, found in the external ear canal are responsible for producing an endless supply of earwax. It's a delicate balance. If your ears don't produce enough earwax, then you'll be more prone to infection. Too much wax and it can cause severe blockages within the ear, resulting in pain, potential infection and/or temporary hearing loss. Some people produce dry wax, others a wetter variety. Some of us need to constantly maintain our ears due to over supply; others remain maintenance free.

What are the effects of earwax over production?

  • A feeling of fullness in the ear. This can lead to impaired hearing, ringing in the ears and dizziness.
  • Trapped bacteria, which can cause itchy ears.
  • Ear pain - often an indication of an underlying infection.
  • Diagnosis of an ear problem can be difficult as it makes it tricky to see.
  • Impaction caused by wax being pushed deep into the ear canal - often caused by the use of cotton buds.
  • Those who use earplugs or hearing aids are often more susceptible to earwax blockages.

Possible Treatment

If you're concerned about your ears or the over production of earwax, your doctor can diagnose a blockage by using an otoscope and looking into your ear. For more severe cases, or where the eardrum has been perforated, medical treatment will be required. This normally entails a doctor removing surplus earwax using a curette - a plastic spoon that scoops out the wax. Irrigation is another method used by doctors, where earwax is softened and removed using warm water, a saline solution, sodium bicarbonate or prescribed ear drops. If the earwax fails to budge, an ear, nose and throat specialist will be required to apply suction to the blockage.

For less severe cases, treatment at home is completely achievable. Wax softening solutions can be bought and applied to the ear. After five minutes or so, the ear can drain naturally, taking any built up wax with it.

You can tackle earwax with AudiSpray

In order to combat earwax build up, HearingDirect now stock a new, completely natural way to deal with the problem. AudiSpray is a hypertonic seawater solution that is both sterile and filtered. It works slowly to thin and dissolve the excess earwax that tends to accumulate in your ears. This gentle process eliminates dust and dirt, reduces the risk of infection and prevents blockages from happening. Unlike cotton buds, which push earwax further into the ear, the AudiSpray, is a fine mist, applied using a nozzle, directly into the ear canal. It's simple to use and can be repeated every couple of days. For more information on this fantastic new product, go to the AudiSpray Adult page.

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