Hearing Aids For Music Listening

Hearing loss is a problem affecting millions of people in different age groups and occupations. Modern technology seeks various ways to alleviate the frustration of those suffering from the condition and offer them options for coping with challenging situations or simply help them improve their lifestyle. Hearing aids and assistive listening devices that provide multiple features, including possibilities for customisation, environment settings or speech and music appreciation are therefore a popular choice and a focus for many manufacturers. A recent study by Action on Hearing Loss that is expected to be finalised in June 2013 is concerned mainly with the issue of combining hearing aids with a better music experience and possible ways to achieve that via extensive technological research and feedback.

Thankfully, enjoying music in all its forms is no longer the sole preserve of those with perfect hearing. Most contemporary hearing aids offer a sound environment, which is as natural as possible, and produce sounds that are clear and noise free. More recently, close attention has been paid to features designed to improve listening to music, watching TV and other environments where sound appreciation is valued.

Although not every hearing aid is designed with music appreciation in mind (many are primarily focused on improving speech understanding in background noise), a wide range of suitable products to help with music appreciation is available.

A recommended hearing aid with a special feature for music is the Persona Ole digital hearing aid. It is a very small CIC device that offers the comfort of the open fit technology, suppresses background noise and is specifically developed to improve listening to music. Another popular hearing aid for the ultimate music experience is the ReSound Alera 5 TS. It is available as a BTE and RIE and can be wirelessly connected to different devices so that the user can also better hear the TV or over the phone.

For listening to the TV, CD players and MP3/MP4 players, wireless TV listeners represent a great option for those with hearing impairment. A good choice is the Amplicom TV 210-NL which can amplify sounds from different entertainment units and can be used independently to hearing aids. It offers CD quality stereo sound and noise reduction features so the wearer can enjoy crisp and clear sound. It's very powerful transmitter covers a range of 1225 sq. feet so you can listen freely while moving around. It has an automatic volume control as well as an adjustable tone control.

Another superb product is the Amplicom TV 2500. It can deliver high quality CD stereo sound with amplification up to 120dB. This TV listener features adjustable volume, tone and balance control to fully match fully personal preferences. Due to its 2.4 GHz Digital UHF Transmission, it guarantees an equal strength of the signal even through, walls, floors and ceilings. Both Amplicom devices are rechargeable, wireless and lightweight.