Hearing Aid Glasses

Hearing aid glasses may not be as popular and widespread as they had been in the past but they are still an interesting solution for people with a hearing loss and visual impairment. Many people over 60 suffer from some kind of hearing loss and need glasses for daily activities. Some find using their spectacles with the hearing aid troublesome.

A solution to this problem has already been found with the invention of glasses with an integrated hearing aid. Combining a hearing aid with a pair of glasses is not a new idea; it dates back to 1950s. People who had a hearing problem often suffered from a lack of confidence and felt the need to hide their disability. Having larger framed glasses allowed for the innovative idea of hiding or disguising the hearing aid within the arms of the glasses and thus offering comfort and help to those with a hearing problem.

Advancement of technology has brought the development of hearing aids to a new era when a wide array of models, some of which are so small that they can be hidden, are available for different types of hearing loss. The real breakthrough is that through digital technology many models are adjustable according to personal taste and preference. The need for hearing aid glasses decreased with time as hearing aid devices became more discreet and society attitude changed. The glasses on the other hand have become lighter and with thinner frames making it harder for a hearing aid to be fitted inside. However, lately lighter frames and ever-smaller hearing aids have made it possible to create even designer spectacle models that are modern and comfortable. The micro technology allows the incorporation of microphones and batteries in the arms of the glasses. A tiny tube comes out of the small hearing aid, goes into the ear and makes the device almost invisible. This implementation can have a positive impact on the confidence of those who wear the hearing aid glasses, as the hearing aids are very discreet. Another obvious benefit of hearing aid glasses is their convenience for people who need both hearing aids and glasses. Combining them in one device allows for one place for storage, less maintenance time and a shorter daily routine. However, their main benefit is also their biggest disadvantage - the hearing aid and the glasses cannot be separated. If you want to use only the hearing aid or the glasses, that will be impossible.

Also, when considering purchasing hearing aid glasses, you should be aware that they may be a costly investment as they are more expensive than the regular hearing aids. Across Europe, different companies provide hearing aid glasses and they can be purchased and chosen via the Internet. Hearing aid glasses that can be found in Europe include Varibel, a Dutch device developed with Phillips and Spectacle Hearing Systems, although their products are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss only.