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Common Hearing Aid Batteries Questions & Answers

Hearing aid battery questions help provide the answers you need about all things battery-related. In this blog post, we present a list of the most common hearing aid batteries questions and supply the answers you need.

The Most Popular Hearing Aid Battery Questions

Hearing aids are a group of microcomputers which can help the hard of hearing manage certain types of hearing loss. These battery-powered sophisticated devices are the most effective solution to help manage mild to moderate hearing impairments. To provide the required amplification, hearing aids require a power source in the shape of batteries. If you are researching more information on the various batteries available for hearing aids, the following common questions and their answers will help.

Q: How long will the batteries last for?

Answer: The longevity of hearing aid batteries will depend on a number of factors. Because there are a number of manufacturers, performance and longevity will vary from one manufacturer to the next. Furthermore, your precise hearing aid model and type of use will also influence how quickly the battery will be depleted. It makes sense that if you use your hearing aid more often, the battery will deplete quicker and of course, vice-versa. Your hearing aid will likely alert you to an imminent depleted battery, so within a couple of weeks of owning the device, you will have a pretty good idea of how long the batteries will last. 

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Q: Which battery size fits my device?

Answer: Each hearing aid can carry one size of battery and the required size will appear inside the battery compartment of the device. Hearing aid batteries are available in four common sizes.

Generally, the smaller sizes of battery are more accustomed to fit smaller devices. For example, little in ear devices are more likely to require size 10 batteries as they're the smallest cells, whereas behind-the-ear devices are larger so can accommodate bigger, more powerful cells.

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Q: How can I extend battery life?

Answer: It's only natural to want to get the best from the cells you buy. There are a number of tips you can try to help ensure that your batteries go the distance, as specified by the manufacturer's claims.

  1. Always use fresh batteries when possible
  2. Wait one minute before placing the battery in the hearing aid after you've removed the tab in the case of zinc-air batteries
  3. Turn off the device (usually this means popping open the battery casing) when it's not in use
  4. Avoid storing your batteries in places which are either too hot or too cold
  5. Properly clean and care for your hearing aid
  6. Avoid moisture as much as possible
  7. Appropriately store your spare batteries and your device when not in use

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