Hearing Aid Batteries Technology

The keen eyes amongst our customers may have recently noticed that our range of hearing aid batteries has grown overnight. Brands such as Power One, Duracell and Panasonic are now available to order in addition to Rayovac. We thought it may be helpful to explain the hearing aid battery technology used by each manufacturer.

Rayovac - In an earlier post this year we explained the reasons behind choosing Rayovac, which incidentally is the brand of batteries you will get with your hearing aid from us. Rayovac's technology goal is to achieve the longest lasting battery ever. To achieve this target, it has introduced a number of improvements in recent years from a new nickel clad stainless steel housing, which has allowed them to offer a four year freshness guarantee, to a new air management system that has helped ensure greater power consistency.

Duracell - Perhaps the most recognised brand in the world of batteries thanks to the longer lasting Duracell bunny! Its flagship technology is called EasyTabTM claimed to be the world's first easy-to-use hearing aid battery. EasyTabTM makes the job of inserting and replacing the battery very easy utilising extra long tabs for better handling. They contain special foam which seals in the freshness of the cell and helps improve performance through better airflow and cell efficiency

Panasonic - Perhaps better known for its consumer electronic products, Panasonic zinc air is an advance solution. Its battery comprised of Teflon layer technology for optimal airflow as well as steady power in various temperature conditions.

Power One - Its range of hearing aid batteries are used in hearing aids as well as in Cochlear implants. Power One technology is aiming to achieve reliable optimised power using technologies such as patented PTFE film technology and special sealing design. These batteries are often those supplied for use in NHS hearing aids. And, as ever, we are confident that we offer a range of the best technology on the market at very competitive prices; whichever hearing aid battery you choose