Hard Of Hearing Cordless Phones Christmas Present Idea

Video Transcript If you're looking for idea as a Christmas presents this year, why not consider getting a relative an amplified cordless phone? In our experience many people are unaware that these types of devices exist. And they may phone us asking whether there is possibly something where it will help their mom or dad hear better when they're trying to communicate on the phone. As you can see there are a wide range of options. I've just chosen four from our range. We use two manufacturers for the main; they are called Geemarc and Amplicom. They are specialists in amplified products, particularly amplified phones. These are their cordless phones. Right on the far left we have the Geemarc Amplidect 350. It's also available in a twin set, so that means two phones would be paired together, and you can also get further additional handsets for them as well. So if you need three phones within the house, that's certainly something that's possible. The design of the phone is fairly new as you can see. It is a new design from Geemarc. A lot of amplification up to 35 decibels, that means that you have up to an extra 35 decibels to put onto incoming sound through the phone. And this compared to standard phones which usually allow anywhere between eight and ten extra decibels. So a substantial amount more amplification is available. This has a very good rating in terms of hearing aid compatibility, and by that we mean that it is geared to be connected up to the telecoil of a hearing aid, if that is the way that someone wishes to use their hearing aid while they are on their phone. But if they don't have the telecoil, it certainly doesn't mean that they can't use an amplified phone. As you can see the buttons are fairly discrete, fairly small, so it looks pretty like a standard cordless phone. So that's the Amplidet 350. The next one of course also from Geemarc is the AmpliDect 280. This is slightly less featured and currently retailing for £49.99. So there is quiet a saving in it if your not looking for something that's as advanced as a 350. It's also available with extra handsets so again, if you need multiple phones within the same house that's a possibility. Fairly simple to use, very similar features to a standard cordless phone. The 280 is also available with an answer phone if that's required, and that's called the AmpliDect 285. So that looks very similar to this one, the base unit is where the answer phone is provided so the base unit that the phone clips into with a 285 will be slightly bigger than on the 280. Also an amplified cordless phone offering twenty five to thirty extra decibels, and with all of these there is also what they call the tone control which allows you to highlight extra high frequencies or lower frequencies depending on your hearing requirements. It's very easy to change the volume, so don't be concerned if you are in a household where there is someone with normal hearing and someone with a hearing impairment. The same phone can be used with ease. If you require perhaps a bigger phone with bigger buttons you may wish to look at the Amplicom range which is being very popular. First of all, there is the PowerTel 500 which is next in the row. This offers a little bit more amplification than the 280. It offers up to 55 decibels, and again very simple to operate via what they call the boost function. Simply press the button on the side of the phone to activate the extra amplification. And again, if you're a normal hearing individual, you simply don't use that boost function. The Amplicom 500, if you require the answer phone this is what the base unit looks like, so this is the PowerTel 580, so the same handset is basically is the 500, but on the base unit you will have your answer phone controls. All of these have got speaker function and that for many people with hearing impairment is reported to be incredibly useful. A very useful and practical present for someone this Christmas.