Hard Of Hearing Corded Phones Christmas Present Idea

Hard of Hearing Video Transcript:

If you're looking for an idea as to what to buy for someone's Christmas present this year, you may want to consider quite an unusual present perhaps, but an amplified phone.

We have many people phoning us asking whether devices like this exist and "yes" is certainly the answer. We have a wide range of amplified corded as well as cordless phones. The two in this video are simply two examples of many different options that we can provide, depending on you requirements.

I've chosen two called, one called the Geemarc PhotoPhone 100, and the other one from Amplicom's the PowerTel 60. The reason why I have chosen these two in particular, they do happen to be two of the most popular options for good reason.

If we start with the PhotoPhone 100, this is probably one of our simplest phones to operate. Quite importantly in terms of set up, its one of the few amplified corded phones that doesn't actually require batteries or a separate AC adapter. It's simply plugged into the phone line and you're ready to go. The word PhotoPhone within its name is fairly obvious by the picture buttons on the phone itself. As you can see there are eight different options and those are there to be pre-programmed with different numbers as effectively direct dials. So for people who require photos of people as a reminder of what type of programmed or as you can see fire or doctor pictures that can be very, very useful. There are further three buttons at the top the M1, M2 and M3, and those can also be used as direct dials. The PhotoPhone 100 has got all the usual features of a simple corded phone in terms of, its got a speaker function, a mute function, redial and of course most importantly in terms of our areas of expertise, extra amplification. This is very easy to use; the PhotoPhone 100 provides up to twenty five extra decibels for incoming sound compared to a standard phone of about eight to ten, this is substantially more, and so can be suitable for people with up to moderate/severe hearing impairments. The volume control as well as what they call tone control can be operated by those simple to use slider switches at the top, so they can be left in place or they can be adjusted during a call, whichever is preferred. When the phone rings, it will flash at the bottom using a white light, so hopefully a visual reminder to someone that the phone is ringing as well as a louder ring tone. The big buttons make it quite easy to use and of course if the preprogrammed options are not required they simply can be left blank.

If something a little bit more advanced is needed, you may want to consider something from the Amplicom's range or perhaps something that may look a little bit more like a standard disc phone. Yes, the buttons are bigger than the usual but not substantially so. The functions of the PowerTel range depend according to each phone. The PowerTel 60 which is shown here, it has the loudest amount of amplification in Amplicom's range. An incredible sixty extra decibels, so it's substantially more even than something like the one next to it the PhotoPhone 100. So sixty decibels extra is suitable even for severe profound hearing impairment. Both of the phones are what they call hearing aid compatible, so that's another question we get a lot from people who are looking to buy phones for a relatives with hearing aids or without hearing aids. It's important to know that hearing aid compatibility specifically refers to the telecoil function of a hearing aid. So the hearing aid needs to be turned to the T-position, and then these phones will be compatible with that setting. However, it's also important to note that if you don't have a hearing aid you can certainly use these amplified phones. And if you do have a hearing aid without the telecoil that is still a possibility.

Depending on what you're looking for, the corded phones also have a number of other functions available. If you're looking for answer phones or built-in answer phones, that's an option on some of the phones. Simply call us and discuss your requirements.