Great Combinations

I arrived in this world in 1965, the same year as Brad Pitt and JK Rowling. He got the looks, she got the brains ... I did not, so I was forced to make my fame and fortune more modestly equipped. I was lucky enough to go to a school where at mealtimes you had no choice and you simply ate what was put in front of you. The consequence of not doing so were painful in the short-term and resulted later in that which you had rejected being served as an hors d'oeuvre for the next meal. It didn't happen often! Having had a broad palate thrust upon me and the consequent ability to eat almost anything, although I do draw the line at celery, has finally delivered an advantage that Brad and JK may not have acquired through their life journey. I can look in a fridge and anything goes! For the most part I live on my own during the week so have free reign to create culinary delights. Being a part-time singleton does result in a degree of idleness. I have simple rules for the preparation of food-for-one. a) all elements have to combine on one plate b) if it can't be cooked within 5 minutes nature probably intended it to be eaten cold c) everything tastes better with chilli Some of my recent combinations that have to date not been adopted by the celebrity chefs are blackberry jam and chilli on crumpets, very good for an invigorating breakfast or prawns in cottage cheese garnished with freshly chopped red onion - forget Jamie's 30 Minute recipes, the last can be rustled up in 30 Seconds!! The skill is in the balance and complimentary nature of the individual components.

Now while you may all benefit from this knowledge what does it have to do with HearingDirect? Well, combinations are important in our commercial world too. Joan and I have recently been looking at which products go together on our website. We are trying to link products so that customers can better see the accessories that can benefit their purchases. Some like the Geemarc AmpliDect 280 and 285 Extra Handset is clearly complimentary to the AmpliDect 280 or the AmpliDect 285 but others are less obvious. All our hearing aid sales would benefit from the SmartBox Hearing Instrument Dry Aid Kit which in conjunction with the Smart Care Dehumidifier Crystals provide a great, low-cost method of ensuring that you completely dry our your aid each day. When one purchases tubing for the HD300, HD350 or HD400, there is absolute sense in adding a packet of Cleaning Wires to better extend the life of the tubes. We will carry on trying to group products as first time users of any product cannot necessarily know what goes with what and if anyone out there has some culinary mixers to challenge my fridge clearance combos I would be interested in those too.