Geemarc Sonic Alert SBP100 Review

This easy-to-use alarm clock is ideal for travelling. It comes in a zip-up pouch, and is small enough to keep with you even when travelling 'hand-luggage' only. Put it on any bedside table and pop-up the foldable screen to use as a clock.

The controls are straight-forward: setting the time and alarm are done via buttons on the top of the pop-up display, the alarm can be set to vibrate only, buzz only or vibrate and buzz together. If using it on vibrate, the idea is to leave it under a pillow - the strength of the vibrate function is pretty good, and unfortunately hard to ignore!

The Sonic Alert SBP100 has a snooze button on the front of the clock, which also doubles as a light to illuminate the clock face at night. The alarm function itself is turned on or off by a switch on the side of the unit - it's a good click to either the on or off position, so no chance of it being turned off or on accidentally. Although designed primarily for the hard of hearing, the Sonic Alert SBP100 alarm clock also seems to be a best-seller on birthday or Christmas gift lists for anyone wanting to be sure their loved ones will be up & awake when they need to be.

The only slightly strange thing is that the batteries required are 2 AA for the alarm as well as 1 AAA for the clock. The different sizes can be a bit of frustration when they need to be replaced, but the unit is supplied initially with all 3. There is a useful test button to check that the batteries are ok before going on a trip.

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