Geemarc Serenities Review

Hearing Direct review of the Geemarc Serenities Big Button Emergency Response Telephone.

Video Transcript For The Hard of Hearing:

This is a review of the Geemarc Serenities by Hearing Direct. As we can see, this is a desk phone and is a particularly feature of this phone is the emergency response or the emergency feature which is supported by this wrist band here. However, we can talk about the few other features of the phone and then we will finish with the SOS feature.

So a lot like many of the other Geemarc model phones we supply, we do have extra large buttons here, and they have a good white on black background so that enables it to be easily seen and used. Up here we have the navigation buttons for the LCD display here which will enable the phone book to operate, time and date and also with display color ID if you subscribe to that so that's what the screen up here will do. Down here we have the speaker phone option, so the phone can be used in a hands free fashion and the volume control for the speakerphone functionality.

The numbers down the side here and one, two, three and five are programmed memory, speed dial so you just press that button once and it will dial the selected phone number. And along the button here we have a range of keys which most people be familiar with a standard phone the only one that they might not be familiar with is this button here and this is used to select the head phone selections which is unusual for some phones. I will and quickly show you that which is on the side here, down here you'll see a little headphones socket, we do provide something called like the Geemarc CLA3 which will fit into this socket here and is a headset that can be used so for the headphones and also the microphone boom so you can use the phone using a headset rather than a handset or the speaker phone. In addition to finish off the button that we can see here, we have a slider here and this is for the tone on the phone and slider here which is for the volume control.

We will come back for the SOS button at the end, and then on this side of the phone, this here is your boost button which you can press several times and even if the phone is set to maximum this will then turn it up quite significantly and jumps rather than on the slider here. So when this is set to maximum and this is set three times to maximum the phone will then entry to maximum volume capability and that maximum volume is 30 decibels and that when compared to a very standard phone around 8 decibels gives you an indication as to how much louder this phone can be if that's what you are potentially looking into by this type of phone.

So just quickly to finish off the parts of the phone, we will have a quick look of the rear of the phone here and you can see here this switch here will enable the screen to become here, to be back lit which can be either on permanently on during the day or you can leave that on at night and it gives you some degree of a night light if that's your, if that's something that would be sizeable. On here is the connection to the telephone socket so the connection cable supplied with the phone itself can then be plug on one end here and other one into the phone socket and the wall. It does require its own power supply so it comes again with a power supply cable and a normal three plug pin to go in to the wall. And then this button here is to set on and off for the strobe function end of the phone and by that we are also talking about the flashing light here that can be used to alert somebody to turn incoming call.

So the final feature I said I will talk about at the end is this SOS feature here. The way it works is that you follow in the user guide details; you can set five numbers that will be dialled in sequence until a human response is obtained when this button is pressed or more importantly when for any reason there is a moment of help required in the case of a fall perhaps or did for any other reason, the user can wearing this wristband simply would press and hold this button here it can then communicate wirelessly with the phone and it would have the same effect as if you are pressing this button here and it will then dial through a sequence of five numbers in order to obtain a human response and clearly the idea is one does receive a human response it would play an automated message to say that whomever the person that has pressed this button is in need of some urgent assistance.

So that's the Geemarc Serenities and we do have members of our team who can happily talk about this phone in a bit more detail and they are available nine to five during the working week Monday thru Friday on 0800 032 1301 or alternatively you can contact us through hours through our email address which is