Geemarc AmpliPower 50 Hands On Review


Video Transcript For The Hard Of Hearing:

One of the most popular questions we get at quite a lot is: Which is the loudest phone that we make or rather that we supply? And this certainly would count as one of them. We have two, matter of fact, but this one is equal in power to the other one that we have, and we're going to talk a little bit more detail about this particular model.

This is the Geemarc AmpliPower 50. It is a very big button phone. It has dark background in white lettering, making it very easy to use. It is very simple to use, and that's one of the thing that I'd draw your attention to. You have got a slider-based tone control, a slider-based volume control, and its fun to hear actually take the phone to its maximum level, and these two sliders will stay in place. However, this button will not, and therefore maximum amplification will not be in automatically set every time the phone is used, and that is to prevent what is very significant levels of volume being played to somebody who does not have a hearing loss, so it can be quite uncomfortable.

So in addition to some of the benefits you see in terms of the simplicity of use, also one of the great things about this phone is the design of the handset or the receiver, it is very easy to hold and to grip, very difficult to drop with one slip out of the hand. And also when put back, it actually sits and locates very easily within the cradle of the actual phone itself. And so very difficult to misplace when putting the phone back.

In addition, it has a speakerphone facility, which is this button here, which means you don't need to lift the handset and you can talk and hear through these speaker set down here. At the top here you'll see we have three colour buttons, and those are speed dial buttons, and those can have the most popular or called numbers or indeed emergency contact numbers, so that the person concerned that uses the phone doesn't need to remember the numbers and can get to them very, very quickly. In addition, there are further nine speed dial buttons down here, and a little label here that can be used to identify as to what's being programmed to each number.

In addition you'll see down here, there is a very useful light or LED. This will flash very brightly when the phone is ringing so it's a visual indication that the phone is also ringing as well as what is an extremely loud phone ring. This actually needs to plug-in to the mains power and also requires a telephone socket connection. All-in-all, this is unquestionably one of the best amplified or volume phones that we provide. It has the loudest levels of amplification, it has great levels of clarity, a very loud - extra-loud rather a ring tone. It's got a visual call indicator here to tell you that the phone is ringing, and it has very simple to use, easy to navigate sliders, and a bigger keypad. So unquestionably one of our most popular phones, and certainly one that I'd feel very comfortable in recommending for somebody that wants a simple, really loud phone. So that is the Geemarc AmpliPower 50.

If you'd like some more information about the phone or indeed any of the other range of phones or other items including digital hearing aids that we here at HearingDirect, you can contact us on our customer service's number on 0800-032-1301, or if you are contacting or would like to contact us out of hours either in evenings or weekends, you can email us at and we'll normally respond within 24 hours. So please do get in contact, talk to one of our experts here.

Main Features Of The Geemarc Clearsound AmpliPower 50:

  • Compatible with most hearing aids
  • Extra receiving volume control up to 60dB
  • Handsfree speaker phone
  • Receiving tone control up to 10dB
  • Adjustable ringer level and tone
  • 11 one-touch memories
  • Message waiting indicator
  • Headset and shaker outputs
  • Big button keypad
  • Extra bright visual ringer indicator
  • Last number redial
  • Mute
  • Wall mountable