Flashing Doorbell for Hearing Impaired Reviewed

One of the great advances of the modern age is that the level of technology used to ease people's lives is constantly getting improving at an impressively rapid pace. The hearing healthcare industry is a great example of the positive effects of this tendency and the variety of devices and equipment available for the hearing impaired is already quite substantial.

Besides hearing aids, the hard of hearing can benefit from many other additional assistive listening devices that will further help them to effortlessly perform their daily routines. Such a device, for example, is the flashing amplified doorbell, specifically designed to meet not only the requirements for extra amplification, but also for additional visual signalisation. Amplified doorbells can be used not only to amplify the sound of doorbells, but also of other sound devices such as telephones, smoke alarms, etc. Sometimes the additional amplification of the sound may not be strong enough for individuals suffering from severe to profound hearing loss or for the moments when you are not wearing your hearing aid. In these cases an additional alarm, such as a flashing light, can solve the problem. This useful feature means you need not accidentally miss an important visitor or a phone call.

A popular manufacturer of amplified doorbells is Geemarc and Hearing Direct's online catalogue offers some of their best products complete with a full 12-month warranty.

If you are looking for a simple device that offers great value for money, the Geemarc AmpliCALL16 Door Bell Ring Indicator is specifically designed to amplify the sound of doorbells with up to 95dB. It can be mounted on a desk or a wall and includes a camera flash ring indicator. The alarm has 4 handy options - off, alarm + light, light + shaker, alarm + shaker.