Extra Loud Doorbell Options

Hearing Direct offers a wide range of sound amplification devices that help in making the life of the hearing impaired as easy as possible. One such product range available in our catalogue are extra loud doorbells.

The Geemarc AmpliCALL20 Doorbell and Telephone Ring Indicator will help you hear both visitors ringing your doorbell or those trying to reach you over the phone. The volume can be increased to an impressive 95dB and the device also provides the possibility to use a CLA2 shaker pad, providing greater alarm options. You can choose between light and alarm, light and shaker or alarm and shaker, all according to individual preferences. The product is suitable not only for the hearing impaired, but also for heavy sleepers. It is possible to choose different ringer volumes for the telephone and the doorbell and the tone control may also be adjusted to low, medium and high.

The Sarabec phone plus telephone amplifier is battery-operated and connects the base unit to the handset of most corded phones. It amplifies the telephone handset. You can also listen to the enhanced sound via a headset or neckloop system. The Phoneplus is simple to set up and operate, automatically turning on and off when required. It's also easy to adjust the volume and tone of your conversation to fit with your specific hearing needs.

The Geemarc AmpliCALL16 Door Bell Ring Indicator is a great little product. Useful for those times when you, unfortunately, can't hear the doorbell ring. The extra loud alert and flashing strobe light will alert you someone at the door.