Easy to Use Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. To have a mobile phone is not unusual and is not constrained by gender or age. On the contrary, there is a wide variety of mobile phone models to answer every need and personal taste. Some people, especially the elderly, may feel apprehensive about all the modern functions and look of mobile phones and smartphones. However, as advanced as technology is becoming regarding these gadgets, many companies manufacture mobile phones that are basic and easy to use, with the exact number of functions that you need and without the extra futuristic design that may make some cumbersome.

When looking for an easy to use mobile phone you should consider some main features such as size, display, buttons, ringer, functions, hearing aid compatibility and price.

Size - The mobile phone should fit comfortably in the hand and have enough space for the buttons and display. At the same time, it should be small enough to put it in a pocket or a purse or be worn on a strap.

Display - The display should be large and bright, with a clear font and big enough font size to read the numbers or texts easily. Depending on personal taste, you can choose a model with a coloured display or a clamshell design such as the Geemarc CL8500.

Buttons - Buttons are essential for every mobile phone. They should be large enough to press easily and with legible numbers and letters. It is good for the keypad to be lit as well for easier dialling.

Ringer - As the main usage group of the easy to use mobile phones is the elderly make sure that the ringer of the phone is loud enough to suit people with some level of hearing loss as well. The Geemarc CL8500 offers up to 40dB amplification.

Vibration - Vibration is very useful for those who are hard of hearing as when the phone is on a strap or in the pocket, they can feel someone is calling even if they do not hear the ringer.

Price - Prices for mobile phones vary considerably but fortunately, easy to use and basic mobile phones are quite affordable, you can find one for under £50 such as the Doro 1360 Mobile Phone or the Geemarc CL8360 Extra Loud Mobile Phone.

Telecoil - If the mobile phone is for someone who is using a hearing aid with a "T setting", make sure that it is hearing aid compatible, i.e. has a telecoil function. Such phones for example are the Amplicom PowerTel M6000 and the Doro PhoneEasy 338.

Additional features - Having a simpler mobile phone in looks does not mean it cannot offer some useful modern day functions. Some easy to use mobile phones from Doro such as Doro PhoneEasy 410 and Doro PhoneEasy 345 have Bluetooth and FM-radio while the Doro PhoneEasy 615 has a 3.2 MP camera, MMS function, flashlight, 3G and even games.