Doro Mobile Phones Models and Comparison

Doro mobile phones are market leading devices, but how do they compare to other amplified mobile phones?

Doro Mobile Phones

At, we supply a selection of Doro mobile phones, which boast high amplification levels that are simple to operate. In this blog post, we will guide you through a selection of Doro mobile phones to help you make the best decision and find an amplified mobile phone that best suits you.

Amplified Clamshell Mobile Phones

Clamshell mobile phones are the epitome of a traditional mobile phone boasting mobile efficiency and simplicity. Flip phones are ideal for those looking to enjoy the benefits of a traditional mobile such as making phone calls and sending text messages.

Doro 2404 Clamshell Loud Mobile Phone

The Doro 2404 Clamshell Phone will put an end to accidental dialling. The widely spaced buttons and extra large 2.4-inch display on the Doro 2404 mean texting and calling are ever so straightforward. The dual SIM Doro 2404 hosts all the essential mobile features you'd expect from a modern day device. Despite being a clamshell phone, you can still capture your favourite moments with the integral 0.3-megapixel camera and adjust the volume to suit your hearing needs with up to seven settings to choose from. The Doro 2404 also provides an additional sense of security with the emergency assistance facility that can trigger an automatic response with just a click of a button.

Amplified Mobile Phones

Doro mobile phones are the perfect choice of mobiles for the elderly. Their easy-to-use nature, simple features, and uncomplicated menu navigation means they can be effectively used by anyone of any age. Their added amplification levels make them an idyllic phone for seniors and those with hearing loss.

Doro 5030 Amplified Mobile Phone

The Doro 5030 Extra Loud Mobile Phone offers high-quality sound, with a ringer volume up to 83db, that's 5 times louder than a standard mobile! With a well-spaced keypad, clear colour display and extra loud, adjustable volume, making a phone call should be a pleasure rather than a task.This is a phone with simplicity at its heart. Not only does it offer quality sound and attention to detail, but the Doro 5030 also represents value for money and is available at an incredible price.

Doro 5516 Extra Loud Mobile Phone

The Doro 5516 Extra Loud Mobile Phone offers super levels of amplification far louder than a standard mobile phone. The Doro 5516 is hearing aid compatible and provides a clear, loud sound so you can sit back and enjoy talking to your friends and family. For added security, there's even an assistance button so you can raise the alarm in an emergency and a web-based manager that can automatically backup important content on your mobile.This amplified mobile phone comes with the most fundamental features such as the internet, email, speakerphone, SMS/MMS messaging, and more.

Amplified Smartphones

Doro produces a selection of amplified smartphones. Our growing collection encapsulates a set of simple devices, yet packed with the latest technology, on par with the smartphone era.

Doro 8040 Amplified Smartphone

The Doro 8040 is no ordinary smartphone. It's designed specifically to address the needs of the hearing impaired and is fully hearing aid compatible. The Doro 8040 is an intuitive device that provides smartphone technology without the danger of overwhelming or confusing the user. It can be set up to reflect individual needs, offering only the functions you're specifically interested in. It's ideal for parents and grandparents looking to update their mobile phone.


Doro is an innovative global manufacturer of communication technology for the hard of hearing and visually impaired. The company upholds excellent corporate social responsibility and supplies high-quality products that can make a difference to daily life. Doro mobile phones are here to assist the ageing population by helping them live more effortlessly and make technology more accessible. Their uncomplicated and easy-to-use phones present an idyllic range of mobiles that can make communication an enjoyable experience. We firmly believe their products could be fantastically valuable to you and your lifestyle.

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