Doro Magna 4000 Amplified Phone Review

This is a review of the Doro Magna 4000, one of the loudest amplified desk phones currently in production.

Video Transcript For The Hard Of Hearing:

This is a review of the Doro Magna 4000 desk phone for the home. This is the loudest phone in the Doro range and in fact it's the loudest phone alongside one or two others that is in production today. So this will go up to a maximum voice amplification volume of 60 decibels which as I said is the loudest in production today. In fact, for those with normal hearing, in its maximum volume mode it's actually quite an uncomfortable experience. Although obviously you can turn the phone down to normal volume levels.

So, just looking at the phone itself there's a few features I would draw your attention to. Underneath the cradle or the handset here, you've actually got the volume control wheel which sets the volume, in addition to that here is the boost button. If this is engaged then this will take the phone to its maximum amplification settings assuming that this volume here is set to 9. You can have the boost button on and then reduce the volume slowly, take the boost button off and the volume drops further, and obviously taking you down to zero. We'll take it down to its lowest volume setting.

You've got a good size display screen here which when the phone is active will show date and time, but will also show your phonebook into which you can program numbers, accessed through this button here. These two here are speed dials which will enable you to program in two numbers you call most often, and if you subscribe to caller ID on your particular phone service then this display will also show the number of the person who is calling, and will display the numbers as you dial them for any outbound calls. The rest of the buttons are similar to most standard phones in the home. The only other one I would draw your attention to, apart from extra-large buttons and oversized keypad, is this button here which is the speaker phone function and when this is active the green LED will light.

We will just have a look at the side and the connections of the phone. I will turn it around this way, and then we will be able to see the various buttons on the sides. These switches here turn the ringer volume up and down, it's currently set to its maximum. This slider here will set the tone. So you can adjust not only the volume, which is set here, for the speaker phone that is that volume, and the volume as mentioned here is for the handset, so that's speaker phone volume, but both for the speaker phone and for the handset the tone control.

The amount of high-frequency or low-frequency boost you get can be changed here, and this is a good setting to use in combination with volume to improve the most or attain the best clarity for any individual. You've got a little corner here that lights up when the phone is actually ringing to alert you to the fact that it's calling. Then on the back here you can see the telephone connection socket and the power supply. Because this phone is very highly amplified it will require its own power supply, it comes with all the connections required, but it will need plugging into a phone socket as well as a normal 3-pin plug power supply socket. That is to enable the phone to produce its maximum volume in terms of ring and voice.

So that's our review of the Doro Magna 4000, a really popular buy. It's a very contemporary designed phone but with the loudest ringing volume and voice volume on the market. If you would like some more advice on this model or anything else from Hearing Direct, then you can speak to our customer services team on 0800-032-1301 or you can email us outside the working, normal working week of 9 to 5 on

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