Best Android Apps For The Hard Of Hearing

Hearing impairment affects individuals from all walks of life. The older generation is at risk from age-related hearing loss and everyone is at risk from noise induced hearing loss.

Android smartphone users can use a number of useful apps designed to help manage hearing loss. In many cases, hearing loss cannot simply be 'cured' but rather managed.

Hearing Loss apps on Google Play

You can search on the Google Play store for 'Hearing Loss' and below we've highlighted two useful free apps:

Hearing Saver by Jake Basile - Free: A simple app that works in the background and designed to reduce the likelihood of noise trauma, a common cause of noise induced hearing loss due to burst eardrums. The app works to ensure that you don't accidentally hurt your ears when plugging in or unplugging your smartphone device's wired or bluetooth headset. Whether you are already diagnosed with hearing loss or your hearing is intact, this app is highly recommended.

Earpiece by Omega Centauri Software - Free: The app is designed to amplify the sound of the speaker or headphone. Many hard of hearing devices work on the notion of amplifying external sounds to overcome loss of certain hearing frequencies. However, it is ill advised to use the headphone amplification for prolonged periods of time due to the risks of noise induced hearing loss. Using the speaker function is a useful way to assist in hearing the person on the other line should the smartphone speakers prove insufficient.

Use these apps to help manage your hearing loss. They are by no means a replacement for healthcare attention.

The Android apps reviewed in this post are free at time of writing.

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