Amplified Mobile Phones - Or Are They?

We can confidently state that we sell a range of amplified mobile phones that are significantly louder than the normal high street equivalents. In fact, we would go so far as to say that they have greater levels of amplification than most of the iPhones and Blackberry's of this world.

But can we claim that they are amplified mobile phones? Well, opinion here is divided; some say that as they are providing amplification at a level greater than their 'quieter' equivalents then it is perfectly fair to claim so. Others take the view that, unlike landline phones, mobile phones do not have a standard level of amplification by which to measure others and therefore it is disingenuous to claim that they are amplified. Semantics? Absolutely! Do you want a mobile phone that provides the callers voice at a louder level than normal mobile phones? Do you want a mobile phone that can ring louder than others? Then we have the range of phones for you.

Whether your preferred style is a clamshell mobile phone like the Geemarc CL8500 amplified clamshell mobile phone that answers and ends calls simply by opening and closing the phone or if you prefer the tablet variety with extra-large buttons and a large screen for easy dialling and improved legibility, we have a whole variety of phones to suit your needs.

We can provide expert advice on what phone may suit you or someone you know and we'll give you 30 days to try them out to make sure you have made the right choice. And if not we'll exchange it for another model to try for another 30 days free of charge or you can return the original version via Freepost for a full refund.

You won't find our range of phones in a Carphone Warehouse or your nearest Vodafone store and that's because they don't have data services, internet access and multi mega-pixel cameras. In fact, they have the rather boring singular function of making and receiving calls at a level of sound to suit the user and that's pretty much it - although you can send and receive a text message should you so desire which is Gr8 (I think that's the way it's written anyway).

If you are thinking about obtaining a mobile phone as a useful device to make and receive audible calls then please feel free to contact one of our experts on 0800 032 1301 for some advice on the right phone for you. If you need a Bluetooth phone that has an MP3 player, receives your favourite dance tunes from digital radio stations, connects you with the worldwide web and turns you into David Bailey or Steven Spielberg at the press of a button then may we respectfully suggest you visit your nearest Vodafone store!