Amplicom PowerTel 68 Review

The PowerTel68+ has many features packed into its 7*7 inches (17 *17cm). One can choose to use it as a basic phone, for the making and receiving of calls only, or take advantage of all the features such as the built in answering machine, handsfree speakerphone, and built in memories.

Regardless of how many of its functions are used, the main point of the phone is its powerful additional amplification provided for incoming speech. The extra 40dB available should help those with anything up a severe hearing loss. The big buttons, on a keypad which is brightly backlit in a yellow/green colour when in use, and one-press-button dialling options will also benefit those with poor sight or limited dexterity.

The PowerTel68+, alongside most amplified telephones, does require mains power, which may impact on where it can be placed in a home. In the event of a power failure, calls can still be made - although saved numbers in the memory slots will be lost if the power is off for a number of hours. Although it is a fairly compact phone in terms of size, if it cant take up any surface area, it is wall-mountable. Changing the amplification while on a call is easy - there is a numbered wheel type volume control underneath the handset which is easily accessible while on a call, and the extra boost button for a large instant increase in volume is clearly marked. If the speaker phone is used, this has its own volume control, although the tone control cannot be used while the phone is on speakerphone.

The answering machine has just about everything you would need - it's worth reading the instruction manual on this one, as you will need to ensure you have the correct language choice between English, German or French, and also to be able to choose how quickly you wish the answering machine to kick in - some people may find the choice of 'after 2 rings' slightly too short! Programming the memory buttons is fairly straightforward, although again, it is recommended that one consults the manual - it may be worth pointing out that once a number has been saved in a particular memory space, it cant be completely erased, only replaced. The Amplicom PowerTel 68 phone is equally suited for use in a home or office. Watch the video review:

Unfortunately the Amplicom PowerTel 68 is no longer available. View our current range of amplified corded phones here.