A Change For The Better

Yesterday I was working on implementing some changes to the website to improve the clarity and ease of use across the site. We have introduced some new images that provide useful information on the size and dimensions of our hearing aids and our range of amplified mobile phones. We regularly receive requests for these measurements and so it seems to make sense to provide it in a user friendly format.

We find that many people are quite surprised to discover the size of our hearing aids, anticipating that their size is likely to be inversely proportional to their cost. In fact many high street retailers attempt to differentiate their product range, from the NHS in particular, through physical dimensions. The association, therefore, is that the more expensive the hearing aid the smaller it is likely to be. In our case, the smallest hearing aid in our range is actually the least expensive as it is designed to go inside the ear.

As always, we are committed to providing extraordinary value for money and continuing to challenge the prices charged by the high street and some of the propaganda used in attempting to justify those prices. In further work recently, we have introduced a repair service for all our hearing aids. This is a new service and has been introduced as some of our earliest customers are now reaching the end of the 12 months warranty on the hearing aid purchase.

We are offering a fixed price repair of £60 for all our hearing aids which will include a complimentary clean and consumable parts replacement; click here to find out more.

In addition to the above we are currently working on several new exciting sections to the site to provide a wider range of services and products which we hope you will find useful alongside our continuous efforts to improve the usability and ease of navigation across the site. We would very much like to receive your feedback for any changes or additions you would like to see on the website as I am sure if you are thinking something might be useful, many others are too. If you do have any ideas or thoughts then we would be delighted to hear from you, please email us by clicking here and you can help build the HearingDirect.com of the future.