4 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Hard Of Hearing

Hearing loss is often an irreversible condition, which can be managed rather than cured. It is especially true in the case of age related and noise induced hearing loss, two of the most common types of hearing loss. To manage the condition, the hard of hearing use specially designed aids that are tasked with amplifying external sounds. A few of these devices make great gifts for Christmas.

Amplified Phones - These are available as desk, corded or cordless types. They tend to sell well as Christmas gifts because they are so easy to use. Amplified phones include all the standard features you come to expect from a phone, however they are amplified. Both the ringer (up to 80dB) and the speech volume are amplified, sometimes up to 5 times the level of a standard device.

Amplified Mobile Phones - Similar in concept to amplified phones, the gift recipient may already have a contract with a mobile phone provider so an existing SIM card could be transferred over, alternatively a simple pay as you go SIM card may be used. Unlike amplified phones which share the same functions as their standard counterparts, amplified mobile phones tend to have only basic functionality. Smart device features, such as a camera and mobile browsing are normally not available.

Amplified Alarm Clocks - These make fantastic Christmas presents because they are affordable, very useful and portable. Amplified alarm clocks include an extra loud ringer and other useful features for the hard of hearing such as flashing lights and vibration pads that can be placed under a pillow. Those suffering from mild to profound hearing loss can use amplified alarm clocks.

Hearing Aids - These are micro devices which fit either inside or around the wearer's ear. Hearing aids use digital technology to amplify external sound and deliver the sound to the wearer's ear. They are commonly used to manage mild to moderate types of hearing loss. In the coming weeks on the run up to Christmas, we will look into each category in further detail and recommend our favourite hard of hearing gifts for Christmas. Watch this space.