3 Easy To Use Mobile Phones Compared

Using a mobile phone is a normal everyday activity for most people and one of the most popular ways to communicate today. Fortunately, those with hearing difficulties can also benefit from its existence and use. The only difference is that the hard of hearing usually require additional help provided by specially designed amplified mobile phones. These devices are hearing aid compatible and offer extra loud ringing volume and up to 45dB amplification for the receiving calls.

Hearing Direct offers a wide range of suitable mobile phones that may be beneficial for people with different levels and types of hearing impairment.

The Geemarc CL8500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile Phone is one of the most recent additions to our catalogue. It is quite suitable for people with moderate to severe hearing loss due to its maximum receiving volume increase of up to 40 dB and an extra loud ring (up to 80dB). This is a mobile phone whose clamshell form enables the user to answer and end calls in the easiest way possible, by simply unfolding/folding the device. It has Telecoil compatibility and includes several other features that make it easy to use such as a big button keypad with a high contrast, an easy to use and navigate menu and a large colour display. A great asset of the phone is the emergency button, which delivers a short message to up to 5 selected numbers from the phone book if pressed. Other useful features are the Bluetooth connectivity, a Li-ion rechargeable battery with 200 hours of standby time.

The Amplicom PowerTel M7000i Clamshell Loud Mobile Phone with Telecoil compatibility is very simple and convenient to use due to its extra large colour display and buttons. This makes it perfect for elderly people, who have problems with both eyes and ears or suffer from dexterity problems. The ringer volume can be adjusted to up to 100dB and the possible amplification of the receiving calls can reach 35dB. There is an emergency call button sending a message to up to 5 numbers and the user can memorise 500 entries in the phone book. The phone also includes modern features such as Bluetooth connectivity and a hands free speaker option. Additional assets are a vibration alarm and 8 speed dial keys.

People who prefer to exploit their phone mainly as a means of communication and need an easy to use simplified phone will highly appreciate the Doro 1360 Mobile Phone. It is hearing aid compatible and offers a maximum receiving level of 35dB and the ringer volume can be adjusted to up to 83dB. The phone has a backlit keypad for better usability and simple to use menu navigation. Other useful features are the vibrating ringer and the large display font as well as the setting that allows the user to hide the functions they do not need.