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Those close to me will vouch that I am not a particularly stylish man.  If they are generous they may claim that I dress for comfort.  I would not seek to defend myself and freely admit to not be out of the Beau Nash stable.  Beau Nash for anyone not in the know was actually called Richard Nash but he was such a dandy of his time (18 October 1674 – 3 February 1761) that he was known as Beau.  I will confess to you that I know of this fancy man not because I am a student of historical fashion or indeed a student of very much of anything but I used to live next door to a pub called the Beau Nash.  See history can be taught and retained but only if associated with beer.  I will not go as far as to admitting to being of a slobby nature and in my opinion, can when it is demanded of me, scrub up reasonably well.  What those around me do not know is that it takes a lot of effort to look as relaxed as I do.  While they may see casual attire beneath a modest exterior lurks a sea of labels.  I am now of course exaggerating but only to a degree.

I am not fashion conscious but I am brand aware.  The reason is that through experience I know that certain brands of shirts fit and others do not.  I know that certain brands of gentleman’s shirt respond with a gratifying smoothness to my vague steam iron strokes while others end up more creased than a wrinkled Shar Pei.  I know that certain brands of gentleman’s boxer shorts neatly accommodate all that is required to be accommodated while others range from the exceedingly snug to the let it all hang out.  My boxer shorts are not displayed to the world and hence I buy the brand that suits me. Thanks to my parents appalling genetic combination (mainly let down by my father’s side), I have the legs of a truncated midget.  Through frequent humiliating changing-room experiences I know that there are some benevolent brands that ironically extended their portfolio of size to fit my short inside leg while there are many, many others do not.  To ensure that my comedy stumpy legs are shown off to their best I have a long back – thank goodness as based on my leg length I would be barely five foot tall – but what I would classify as normal arms, all stuck on to a broad chest that sometimes slips.  Followers of Asterix The Gaul, would recall that Obelix also suffered from a slipped chest!  Jackets are exceedingly tricky to buy and I have only found two suitable brands both of which are disappointingly expensive.

Brands are therefore as important as they are personal.

At HearingDirect.com we used to just offer Rayovac brand batteries but have now extended our portfolio to include three others.  This does not reflect negatively on Rayovac but we felt that if current hearing aid users were comfortable with a certain brand then they ought to have that choice through our site.  As always we have done our very best to source our products at rock bottom prices and passed the savings directly on to you the customer.  So I hope that if you are a user of Duracell or Power one hearing aid batteries you will be reassured by your brand and impressed by our prices.

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